Dalian Shipwood will build the world's latest W6X72 host

Recently, Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. signed a commercial contract with the relevant shipyard to build two world-class W6X72 mainframes. The main unit has a maximum output of 21,660 kW (294,48 hp) and will be installed on a 210,000-ton bulk carrier built by the shipyard.
The W6X72 is the world's newest design model launched in 2012. In recent years, the International Maritime Organization has continuously raised higher and higher requirements for the emission and environmental performance of marine diesel engines, and fuel prices have also been rising. Based on the flex model, the W6X72 is optimized for 90% of the components, with a more compact structure, easier assembly, lower fuel consumption and cylinder oil consumption, more reliable operation and more flexible operation. In terms of environmental protection, the W6X72 will be equipped with a new FAST injector to reduce fuel consumption by at least 1-2g/kW.h. At the same time, the pollutant discharge is reduced in the full load range, so that the exhaust after the combustion chamber and the exhaust valve is cleaner, and the smokeless operation is realized in the full load, which fully meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization for the diesel engine exhaust emission standard (Tier II). . Because the machine has a variety of adjustment options, the shipowner can flexibly choose the host adjustment mode according to the ship's operational needs to achieve lower operating costs.
The W6X72 has a wide range of applications and can be used as the main power source for Aframax tankers, Suezmax tankers, container ships and capesize bulk cargo.

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