High-efficiency crystalline silicon color solar cell development

Project introduction: At present, ordinary solar cells are blue, which can not meet the requirements of people's appearance. High-efficiency color batteries have the dual characteristics of “efficient” and “color”, which can be widely used in photovoltaic power plants and photovoltaic buildings. The integrated construction is mainly decorated on the roof of the building, external balcony, window, glass curtain wall, etc. The color matching can be selected according to the location and environment of the building, and the new energy and the beautifying environment are perfectly combined. It will become an important development direction for the future PV market and has a broad market prospect. The research and development project of high-efficiency color solar cell is based on the characteristics of optical film, changing the surface color of the cell by changing the thickness of the optical film of the crystalline silicon solar cell without changing the production process of the existing component, taking into account the electrical properties of the film, and the conventional product. Performance upgrades combine energy savings with a landscaping environment.

The technical process does not need to change the type of slurry and the equipment for screen printing and sintering, and can directly add equipment to the conventional battery production line for production, is easy to industrialize, and has low production cost. Different thicknesses of the optical antireflection layer can be obtained by different film thickness designs, thereby obtaining color solar cells of different colors. Retaining the original SiNx:H passivation performance, reducing the low-length wavelength in the solar spectrum by the SiOx optical film, that is, the reflectance of blue and violet light having a wavelength lower than 450 nm, increasing the incident rate of high-energy blue light to increase the number of photogenerated electrons, and increasing The battery current increases the power generation efficiency of the battery, and the laser processing at a later stage obtains a good-looking color solar cell.

At present, the market is dominated by blue crystalline silicon solar cells. Color batteries are the development direction. If investors are interested in participating in the implementation of the project and the industrialization of high-tech, they can actively contact the company to discuss cooperation matters.


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