Introduction Pneumatic valve series ash ball valve which application features

Pneumatic valves have been widely used in the industry today, such as: power plants, chemicals, petroleum, petrochemical, municipal water conservancy, aviation and so on. Pneumatic unloading ball valve is a kind of valve which has been widely used in the past few years. It is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow of medium in the pipeline. The valve has the following features:

Pneumatic ball valve is simple in structure, light in weight and small in size. Therefore, maintenance is very convenient. The seal ring is easily removed, replaced, and maintained.
Pneumatic ball valve is very reliable sealing, fluid resistance is small, when the valve is fully open or fully closed when the valve is in use, the medium and the sealing surface are isolated between the ball body and the valve seat. If the medium passes through, the sealing surface of the valve will not be eroded. .
This type of valve has a wide range of industrial applications, ranging from millimeters to meters in diameter; it is easy to operate, and opens or closes quickly, because the valve switch is turned on or off as long as it turns 90 degrees.

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