The independent brand of domestic commercial vehicle market plays the "absolute protagonist"

After more than 50 years of development in China's commercial automotive industry, its own brand has begun to have competitive strength. At the China International Commercial Vehicle Summit held in Wuhan on the 11th, Zhu Hongren, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that China’s own-brand commercial vehicles have maintained a market share of more than 90% in the domestic market for many years.

Affected by the economic environment, China's commercial vehicle industry has been sluggish this year. From January to October this year, the production and sales of commercial vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, and special-purpose vehicles in China completed a total of 3,070,600 and 3,129,600 vehicles, respectively, which fell by 6.6% and 8% respectively year-on-year.
Despite the current sluggish market, the commercial vehicle industry still plays an important role in China's auto industry. Zhu Hong Ren said that since 1956, when liberation vehicles were domestically produced, China's commercial vehicle industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has gone through a difficult and tortuous path of continuous innovation. At present, the output value of China's commercial vehicle industry has accounted for half of the entire automotive industry output value.

Zhu Hong Ren said that thanks to more than 50 years of experience and technology accumulation, coupled with products close to the market to adapt to national conditions, have a higher cost performance, China's own brand commercial vehicle market share is high, but also the main product of the automotive export market and An important vehicle for independent innovation in the automotive industry.

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