Difference between fire sprinkler and sprinkler

What is a fire sprinkler?
Fire sprinklers, also known as: multi-function sprinklers, forest fire engines, fire water vehicles, belonging to civilian fire truck series. Fire sprinkler is one of the sprinkler series products. It is a multifunctional sprinkler that combines fire fighting and water spraying. It is a special car between professional fire trucks and ordinary sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are generally suitable for landscaping, fire sprinkler, firefighting, firefighting, mine dustfall, living area firefighting, and can also be used for spraying pesticides when needed.
What is a sprinkler?
Sprinkler is a kind of sanitation vehicle series, which consists of a second-class chassis, rust-proof tank body, power take-off device, drive shaft, special self-priming sprinkler pump, pipe network, spray outlet and working platform. Sprinklers are generally suitable for landscaping spraying, highway maintenance, road flushing dust, and can also be used for pesticide spraying when necessary, and can be used for fire fighting in emergency.
What is the difference between a fire sprinkler and an ordinary sprinkler?
1, the configuration is different: simply put, fire sprinklers than ordinary sprinkler more special fire pumps, fire PTOs, fire cannons, fire protection interface, fire hose, and other professional configuration; but the fire sprinkler relative to the professional fire engine, There will be fewer fire equipment boxes and no national standard fire equipment and tools. On the other hand, fire sprinklers can only be used to fight fires of general materials, and fire engines can choose foam, dry powder and other fire extinguishing media to rescue oil and flammable substances.
2. The difference in range and flow rate due to the power-recovery method: In essence, the fire sprinkler and the sprinkler are mainly differentiated in the internal power output system. The sprinkler adopts the side-mounted gears to engage the occlusal installation and the power is transmitted through the drive shaft. Transfer to the self-priming sprinkler pump to complete the entire power transfer and output. The fire sprinkler is equipped with a sandwich-type full power take-off device and the fire pump delivers power. Sandwich PTO is far better than the way of taking power from the gear, which forms a fire sprinkler that can be the only one in terms of function although the appearance of the fire sprinkler and the sprinkler is not much different.
Normal sprinkler maximum range: ≥28m, water pump flow 40m3/h, fire sprinkler range: ≥50m, fire pump flow up to 100m3/h,
3, the use of different: fire sprinklers are particularly suitable for townships without professional fire brigade, or factories, companies own standby fire vehicles, for temporary emergency fire extinguishing, extinguishing small-scale fires for special vehicles. Sprinklers are suitable for landscaping, municipal sanitation departments, road maintenance units and so on.
4. Different prices: The price of fire sprinklers is of great concern to us. The price of fire sprinklers at the same tonnage is only one-half of the price of professional fire engines, and is 23,000 yuan more than the price of sprinklers. Fire sprinklers have a wide range of uses, low prices, and economical features.
Understanding the differences among the above fire trucks, fire sprinklers, and sprinklers will help customers to correctly judge and select the models they need according to their actual conditions, and to spend the least money on more affordable fire sprinklers.

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