Bulk cement truck structure data

First, the structure:

1. Bulk cement truck chassis

The Dongfeng chassis, the liberation chassis, the heavy truck Steyr chassis, and the JAC chassis can be selected. According to actual needs, the user can also choose the chassis.

2. The main function of the power take-off power take-off is to remove the power from the engine and transmit it to the air compressor by the drive shaft.

3, bulk cement truck piping system

The pipeline system can be divided into four parts: intake, distribution, pressure relief, and secondary air supply. The air intake part includes the air compressor to the tank connection pipe. And some check valves, prevent

The backflow of powder particles is like an air compressor. The gas distribution pipeline includes safety valves, pressure gauges, tachometers, and external air source ball valves. Pressure relief pipeline to ensure pressure and atmosphere in the tank

Consistent pressure. It is controlled by a ball valve. The ball valve general device
4、Air compressor

The air compressor can be driven directly by a belt pulley or a drive shaft. The mainstream brands used in the country are: Wuhu Fuda Air Compressor, Bohai, Suzhou, Wuhan,

Cangzhou air compressors mainly include 9-, 10-, and 12-way air compressors.

5, bulk cement tank

Mainly consists of: cylinder body, tank upper feed inlet, fluidized bed, discharge pipe assembly, intake pipe and other accessories.

The top of the tank is equipped with two or three feed inlets

At the top of the tank. The secondary gas supply pipe is connected with the lower gas chamber discharge pipe to clear the pipe.

6, unloading device

The discharge pipe can be connected to the storage tank pipe and controlled by a ball valve. Material can be delivered.

Discharge performance:

When the conveying height is equal to or greater than 15m and the horizontal distance is greater than 5m. The unloading efficiency is 1.1 t/min and the remaining material rate is ≤ 0.4%. Other parameters, such as the maximum speed, maximum climbing grade, approach angle, departure angle, wheelbase, wheelbase and other parameters, are the same as those of the original chassis.

Second, the principle:

The power of the chassis of the vehicle is transmitted to the air compressor through the power take-off and the transmission shaft. The air compressor fills the air in the tank so that the air and powder materials in the tank are fully mixed to form a fluid state. When the pressure reaches a certain amount, open the discharge butterfly valve. Drain the material.

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