Injection molding machine electromagnetic heating energy efficiency increased by 90%

Energy saving is an old-fashioned topic. The injection molding machine industry has also developed a number of energy-saving technologies in the continuous upgrading of technology. According to statistics, the energy loss of injection molding machines due to high-pressure throttling is as high as 36% to 68%, so the energy consumption cost high.

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new high-frequency heating technology. After research and development by researchers, it produces energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-frequency heating systems, and the heating efficiency is increased to 90% (up to 99.8%). The energy saving of injection molding machine is based on the installation and testing in various plastic processing enterprises. The energy-saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system is very effective for plastic processing enterprises, saving electricity by 30%-70%.

At the same time, the heating method used is generally heating the electric heating ring, and the heat is transmitted to the cylinder through the contact conduction method, and only the heat immediately inside the surface of the cylinder can be transmitted to the cylinder, so that most of the heat outside is lost to the air. There is a loss of heat conduction and an increase in the ambient temperature.

The technology fully reflects its energy-saving advantages, saving a large amount of electricity costs for plastic processing enterprises, improving production efficiency, and improving the environment of the workshop, thereby directly reducing indirect production costs. Electromagnetic heating power saver is a device that converts electrical energy into electromagnetic energy by electromagnetic induction principle. The electromagnetic heating power saver converts the 220V, 50/60Hz alternating current into direct current, and then converts the direct current into high frequency high voltage with a frequency of 20-40KHz.

The electromagnetic heating equipment is specially made of high temperature resistant cable. The high frequency and high voltage current flowing through the coil will produce an alternating magnetic field with high speed. When the magnetic field line in the magnetic field passes through the magnetic conductive metal material, it will generate numerous small eddy currents in the metal body, making the metal The material itself heats up at a high speed to achieve the desired heating effect.

Nowadays, the high-frequency heating system has been successfully used on the injection molding machine. It is 80% more energy efficient than the pump injection molding machine, 50% more energy efficient than the variable pump, and the production rate is more than 10%. The injection molding machine manufacturer has started batching. Set production, injection molding energy-saving transformation quickly occupied the main market.

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