DNV GL Releases New Mobile Offshore Platform Classification Specification

The mobile offshore platform classification specification (first edition) launched by DNV in May this year was updated after consulting the industry for advice and feedback. The new version of the specification is now available.
“Our goal is to drive the development of the entry specification by focusing on maneuverability, transparency and efficiency. In addition, we must ensure that the latest best practices and innovative technologies are quickly adopted by the industry. The end result is to improve safety.” Kenneth Vareide, director of DNV GL offshore platform classification, said.
In addition to the new enhanced entry specification format and optional enhanced system notation, the new entry specification also includes the industry's first entry requirements based on pressure management drilling systems and cold-zone operation winter management.
Advanced drilling techniques such as drilling methods for controlling/managing pressure and mud pressure control systems in oil and gas fields have become more common on mobile drilling platforms. “Such a system needs to be rigorously secure, and there are no standards or design specifications for safety development and use,” Vareide said. “The new specification includes requirements for managing pressure drilling systems, explanations of related safety systems, and Well barriers and winch requirements."
The second industry initiative of the specification is based on the new DNV offshore standard OS-A201 cold-chain operation winterization requirements. Vareide said, “We introduced functional and job-based performance to reinforce previously developed specifications. This gives ship owners more flexibility in choosing winterization levels and winter temperatures.”
The optional Enhanced System (ES) symbol provides additional safety and reliability in a cost-effective manner, providing a clear overall solution for shipowners and shipyards who want to differentiate in the marketplace. For example, the scope of the ES symbol includes the risk associated with the fire in the moonpool area, which is not included in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2009 MODU Code.
“Considering the industry's minimum requirements, the updated technical content and structure in the new version of the specification provides predictability and increased transparency. This not only improves safety, but also better controls new shipbuilding projects and delivery times. We would like to see More good cases come from the services provided by our DNV GL,” Vareide said.
DNV GL is expected to update the mobile offshore platform classification specification again in 2014.

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