Nanjing Iveco high-end light passengers start a new era of business travel

For a long time, the business and travel market is a must-contest for major commercial vehicle manufacturers. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the country’s road network construction has become more mature, and the business and tourism market continues to expand, the demand for products. The grades have been continuously improved, and at the same time, the requirements of the national standards for vehicles have also been continuously improved. At the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show, the reporter found that the commercial and tourism models represented by Nanjing Iveco's high-end light passenger Powerdaily 2014 are on the premise of maintaining high technology and high quality, and are developing towards internationalization and diversification. This also indicates a The new era of high-end business travel is approaching.

The light passenger market in 2013 was brilliant, and the demand for high-quality business and travel vehicles continued to increase. High-end business and travel vehicles became the “Toon” in the automotive market because of their luxurious configuration, safety, comfort and reliable control. Iveco and Mercedes-Benz , Transit and other new brands have entered the field one after another. Judging from the current situation, the new entrants are still unable to shake up the high-end light passenger market pattern led by Nanjing Iveco and Jiangling Transit in the short term, but the increasingly fierce competitive environment has also put a lot of pressure on the two overlords. In this market environment, if you want to highlight the importance of high-end light passengers, it is necessary to focus on the root cause of product development, and integrate innovative ideas into product design, technology, manufacturing, and quality control.

Nanjing Iveco's high-end light passenger Powerdaily 2014 model was designed by Italy's TECNOCAD, a new type of commercial and recreational vehicle with multiple functions such as business, tourism, commuting and special purposes. Compared with the traditional high-end light passengers, Powerdaily 2014 models pay more attention to the comfort of drivers and passengers. More humanized configuration and personalized design. The appearance of the vehicle not only has the European tradition of honor and elegance and the most fashionable elements in the world, but also fully takes into account the aesthetics of the Chinese people and integrates a large number of Chinese elements. In addition to having a personalised look, the Powerdaily 2014 has an exceptionally high level of comfort and safety. Not long ago, the famous host of the CCTV5 host Sha Tong, who was the driver of the Nanjing Iveco team on the 2013 China Off-road Rally, said in an interview after the game: “Thanks to the PowerDaily 2014 model, I was most grateful to me for the uniqueness in the long and difficult game. Comfortable experience and excellent handling performance, especially through the Pump seat adjustment structure to obtain the best vision, the driver seat with active head restraints effectively protect my cervical spine, so many days of the game down, compared to other players, I Not so tired, the performance and outstanding performance of a car in the race is important, but the top priority of the car is the safety performance of the car, not to mention the high degree of power used by the PowerDaily 2014 model in such treacherous road conditions. The rigid lightweight frame and three-layer anti-collision body design allow me to confidently display my skills and eventually win with my teammates.”

It is reported that Nanjing Iveco high-end light passenger PowerDaily2014 models will shock the market at the end of November at the Guangzhou International Auto Show, currently Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan and other places of new product booking and tasting activities are in full swing. Among them, at Nanjing Iveco's high-end light passenger PowerDaily 2014 tasting held in Chengdu, Sichuan on October 28th, Sichuan Liming Automobile Transportation Group Co., Ltd., the largest passenger transport group in Southwest China, pre-ordered 8 PowerDaily 2014 high-end commercial vehicles for Sichuan.渝 We are also looking forward to this new product, which will bring new experiences to users and create greater value. It is believed that with increasingly fierce competition and increasingly homogenous products, Nanjing Iveco, which combines high-end quality, innovative design and humanistic philosophy, will undoubtedly create a new height and lead the full-scale arrival of high-end business travel.

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