Wreckers General Troubleshooting Methods

1 The wrecker boom is slow and incapable to stretch 1 hydraulic power system failure

2 telescopic mechanism control valve, overflow valve failure 1 inspection, adjustment

2 Disassemble, clean, adjust or replace damaged components

Wrecker boom extension stretching vibration 1 boom slider issue

2 telescopic cylinder is abnormal 1 Insufficient lubrication between the sliding surface of the boom box and the slider should be applied grease; slider surface deformation is too large, the slider should be replaced; the surface of the lifting arm should be damaged, the surface should be repaired

2 check processing

3 The
length of the lifting boom of the wrecker cannot be compensated 1 solenoid valve failure

2 circuit failure 1 Clean the oil filter and replace the electromagnet

2Check the external line fault

Wrecker Lifter Automatic Retraction 1 telescopic cylinder failure

2 balance valve failure 1 Check, adjust telescopic cylinder, replace damaged components

2 check, adjust the balance valve, replace the damaged components

5 Wrecker
lifting mechanism does not move or move slowly 1 vehicle control valve failure

2 hydraulic motor failure

3 balance valve failure

4 lift brake failure 1 check processing

2 check processing

3 Adjust the replacement spring

4 adjust the replacement spring

6 When the
Wrecker Lifts the Work of the Organization Check valve failure
Cleaning, replacement

Loss of control when the wrecker falls Balance valve failure
Open cleaning

Wrecker Lifting Mechanism Brakes Cannot Open  

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