CNC plasma cutting machine power installation and arc trim angle

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The power supply of the CNC plasma cutting machine installed on the site also has corresponding requirements. Generally speaking, we recommend that users do not prevent the plasma power supply in an excessively humid environment. If the work site is relatively humid and operates on iron plates and iron frames, Please install a leakage protector.
In addition, the CNC plasma cutting machine power supply does not require a special fixed installation, but should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. When moving, it should be handled lightly, and away from high temperature, humidity, corrosive toxic and harmful gases, metal dust and so on. The plasma cutting machine power supply needs to be connected with the distribution box. The user should have a distribution box with a corresponding cutting machine capacity, and an automatic air switch or other switch should be installed. The ground wire should be connected firmly and reliably.
At the same time, considering that the power supply of the CNC plasma cutting machine is a high-voltage power device, it is necessary to pay particular attention to avoiding electric shocks, burns, and other personal accidents during installation and use. Specifically, the following items must be observed:
1. The operation of the electrical connection must be performed by professionals in the conditions of closing the switch of the distribution box and ensuring safety.
2, do not touch with wet hands.
Ion arc cutting of CNC cutting machine, due to the imitation hammer shape of the ion arc itself, determines that there will be a certain angle of inclination of the cutting surface. From the purpose of material cutting and processing, the angle tilt is controlled within a certain range, which is guaranteed The key to the processing effect of the plasma cutting machine is to combine the practice experience of the CNC plasma cutting machine for many years, and to summarize the practical operation suggestions of several ion arc trimming and cutting angle control.
The power supply of the CNC plasma cutting machine generally adjusts the output current according to the cutting thickness to form a plasma arc. When the plasma arc passes through the smaller nozzle aperture used for cutting the nozzle, the longer hole length and the cooling effect are enhanced. The current passing through the effective section of the nozzle can be increased, ie the power density of the arc is increased. However, at the same time, the compression also increases the power loss of the arc. Therefore, the effective energy actually used for cutting is smaller than the output power of the power supply. The loss rate is generally between 25% and 50%. Some methods such as water compression plasma arc cutting The energy loss rate will be even greater, and this should be taken into consideration when performing cutting process parameter design or economic accounting of cutting costs.
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