The characteristics of crop diseases and their removal methods

Diseases of crops refer to the infection of pathogenic microorganisms or adverse environmental factors in the process of growth and development, normal physiological metabolism is disturbed, and physiological function, internal structure and external morphology appear abnormal. After the emergence of no pests and diseases in the seat, related methods can be used for resistance. At the same time, the hand-held chlorophyll meter can be used to understand the plant's stress resistance. After understanding its resistance, appropriate preventive measures can be taken. After the disease of crops appears, The physiology of plants has been shown, mainly in the following aspects:
The mesophyll portion of the leaf blade showed green mottled uneven mottle, irregular shape, and indistinct edges. The leaves showed uniform chlorosis, and veins formed after chlorosis. Deficiency symptoms and viral diseases can all cause fading symptoms. Blades are uniformly chlorotic and yellow. Coloration refers to the color of an organ's abnormal performance, such as the leaves turning red and the petals turning green. When these phenomena are observed, they can be visually observed. At the same time, the disease will have irregular changes in the stems and leaves of the plants and directly affect the growth of the plants.
The removal method for diseases is generally performed in the form of pesticides. The spraying mode of pesticides can try to use the form of leaf surface. The leaves also have a certain absorption capacity. Fertilizers applied outside the roots, sprayed pesticides and herbicides are mostly absorbed through the stomata on the surface of the leaf and enter the plant body. Therefore, when a leaf area application is performed, a leaf area meter is used to perform an appropriate measurement on the leaf area of ​​the plant to understand that the applied pesticide can be completely absorbed and used.

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