LED lighting industry actively expands rural market

China's domestic LED lighting products output exceeded 810 million, domestic sales of 400 million per month, LED lighting market penetration rate reached 8.9. Exports doubled in 2012, reaching 410 million. The export value also increased by 71 from 2012 to reach $5.5 billion. In 2014, China's LED industry will continue its upward trend in 2013 and continue to maintain rapid growth. The growth rate is expected to reach 40 or so. Many research institutions are optimistic about the global demand for LED lighting.
LED lighting actively develops rural lighting LED lighting energy is well known, but most of them are currently used in outdoor and public areas of lighting, indoor lighting, especially home lighting in the first and second-tier cities have not yet been popular, third- and fourth-level market performance can be imagined . Therefore, this market can only be said to be potential stocks at present. How to bring LED lighting into the homes of ordinary people is a headache for countless businessmen.
With the rapid development of the third- and fourth-level market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for lighting quality are also increasing. But relatively speaking, the consumption power of the third- and fourth-tier markets is still insufficient. If the price of LED lighting products is too high, even energy-saving is difficult to promote. Therefore, how to maintain the advantage in price is the key to LED lighting companies participating in the third- and fourth-level market competition.
China is a big agricultural country. Nowadays, incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are commonly used in rural households. The market that sells 1 billion incandescent bulbs a year is in the third and fourth-tier markets. With the rapid development of the rural economy and the improvement of people's living standards, farmers' requirements for lighting quality have also increased. Especially since the implementation of the national policy of promoting energy-saving lighting, it has further stimulated the huge demand of the rural market. Here, the rural market is not a geographical meaning, but represents a consumption power and level.
At present, the rural market is still dominated by energy-saving lamps. In some remote areas, incandescent lamps are still in use. The results show that light source and household products are selling well in the rural market.
A problem has been generally reflected: LED lighting has not yet entered the third and fourth-tier markets on a large scale. The LED lighting penetration rate in coastal counties and cities is higher than that in the inland areas. The specific market conditions are summarized as follows:
1. There are few lighting and lighting stores, and lighting products are mixed with building hardware products for sale. In Yanxi Town, Taihe County, Jiangxi Province, the reporter learned that if local consumers want to buy lamps, they often choose to buy them in hardware stores, which has become a kind of inertial thinking. The local Chungen Hardware Store sells a lot of lighting products and is well known in the local area.
2. The network channels of the first-line brands such as Opus and Foshan Lighting have penetrated into towns and villages, and consumers' brand awareness is getting stronger and stronger. Located in Zixi County in central Jiangxi, Ou Pu, Hua Yi, Philips and other well-known lighting brands can be traced, and the location of the store is located in the prosperous area of ​​the county.
3. E-commerce has occupied a small share of the rural market. As the current transportation is more convenient, postal and other methods can promote the development of electronic business of lighting and lighting. It is learned that the groups that produce online shopping behavior in rural areas are mostly young people who work outside the country and are led by them.
4, the surrounding city lighting market squeezes the living space. For the county and town level markets, the impact of the prosperity of the urban lighting industry on them should not be underestimated, which also caused a large number of customer diversions, which reduced their certain profit margins.
In addition, with the rise of the LED agricultural lighting market in recent years, LED is favored as a new type of illumination source that can be used in agriculture, such as LED plant lights and bath lighting. It is understood that plant lighting covers the entire growth stage of plants from cultivation, growth to flowering. With the reduction of available land resources and the increasing environmental pollution, the cultivation of vegetables and flowers indoors has become the trend of future agricultural development. Agriculture is also bound to open up a broader market for LED applications.

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