Insect traps correctly installed and main troubleshooting

Insect traps correctly installed and main troubleshooting

Insect trap lamp is a special lamp that can emit near-ultraviolet rays. There are mainly two kinds of direct current and alternating current. Insect traps mainly consist of light traps, converters, light stands, switches, rain covers, lamp holders, and glass. DC trap lights are characterized by their ability to be used in fields that do not have power, and AC traps must have AC power to use.

1 Insect trap using

DC trap lamp, when installing the battery, firstly recognize the positive and negative poles on the battery box, and then install the dry battery correctly. The dry battery must not be reversed, and then turn on the power switch. Insect traps have two switch levels. When they are dialled upwards, they work 4 hours each night. They can use 18 days.

When dialing, it can be used for 10~12 days. When you use it, you can determine the opening level as needed. If the power is insufficient at the end of dry battery use, the switch can be pulled down. The basin below the trap lamp should use a larger model, and the water should be sufficient. After the power is turned on, if there is a slight noise from the converter and the lamp is off, immediately turn off the power and check if the two plastic wires of the lamp holder are loose or glued. Exclude the power before turning it back on.

2 Insect trap main faults and elimination

When the insect trap lamp is in use, if the insect trap lamp does not shine, it can be checked and eliminated according to the following methods and steps: If the line voltage is insufficient, replace the battery of the semiconductor insect trap lamp or adopt circuit voltage regulation measures. If the wire breaks, use a test pencil to test the break and switch it on. If the starter is damaged, use a test pencil to test if the lamp holder has electricity, and replace the starter to resolve. If the insect trap lamp is not lit due to damage to the filament of the insect trap lamp, the lamp tube can be shaken in the ear. If the two ends of the lamp tube can hear the sound of "click", it proves that the filaments at both ends of the lamp tube have been If it is damaged, the trap lamp should be replaced; if only one end of the lamp emits a sound, the two legs at one end of the broken wire can be wound with steel wire for several rounds and can still be used. If the silicon triple tube is damaged or the ballast is damaged, it only needs to be replaced; if the line is in poor contact, connect the connections after inspection.

If the light trapping lamp is in use, it will be dark and beating constantly. The main reason is that the voltage is too low and the voltage should be adjusted. If the insect trap lamp is red at both ends and does not jump up, the starter is found to be damaged and should be replaced; if the starter capacitor is broken down, the capacitor should be replaced, or the starter housing removed. Continue to use after the capacitor.

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