Electronic balance market warm spring

Electronic balance market warm spring

Affected by the foreign economic crisis and the adjustment of domestic economic policies, the operating pressure of the entire industry has increased significantly, and the marketing methods of the electronic scale industry have been upgraded. The problem of overcapacity in production and manufacturing is serious, and it is constrained by unfavorable factors such as serious product homogeneity and rising operating costs. As a result, the electronic balance industry is facing an unprecedented severe test.

China's electronic balance market to warm the spring one, marketing methods to upgrade: the company through zero down payment and crazy promotions and other over-market marketing situation to seize the market, leading to the phenomenon of user arrears increased, the company's repayment pressure increased dramatically, the capital chain facing serious problems. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, the promotion of marketing means has also led to fiercer market competition. Manufacturers are considering production and considering innovation. Marketing has become the top issue, and it has also brought tremendous pressure to the business.

Second, operating costs are always rising: With the rise in raw material prices and labor costs, corporate business risks increase, coupled with the fragile sense of innovation, control costs are often negligent product quality, disguised increase in maintenance costs, corporate profits are difficult Always increase.

Third, the product homogenous phenomenon is serious: the company's investment in basic R & D is not enough, resulting in a higher similarity of product types and performance, the lack of product differentiation, in the market downturn, resulting in the industry price war, detrimental to the industry Strongly developed.

The direction of development of domestic electronic balances The rapid development of the domestic economy, the market demand for electronic balances is also increasing rapidly, but also due to the reform of the enterprise system, there are more and more electronic balance manufacturers, the current domestic electronic balance products increasingly competitive Fiercely, if domestic electronic balance products are to enter the international market more, they must guarantee the quality of products at the international level.

First of all, we need to constantly learn and understand the latest international developments, require innovation, and improve the level of production technology to improve the technical and quality levels of electronic balance products, and approach or catch up with the development level of electronic balance products in developed countries. Domestic electronic balances emphasize the development of high-precision electronic balances with readings of 1 mg to 0.1 mg, improving the quality of the balance in terms of temperature compensation, time drift, and indication repeatability errors. In order to improve the technical level of China's electronic balance, to win more space for the development of the market.

Secondly, during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, many companies in the laboratory electronic balance industry are striving to catch up with and approach the world's advanced level by strengthening technological innovation and strengthening their technological level. Although the product range of the laboratory electronic balance industry is basically complete. The quality is stable, but most of the products are still medium and low-grade products with low technical content. The main high-end products still rely on imports. For example, some high-precision electronic balances still need to be imported, so they are committed to developing high-precision and stable electronic balances. It is the trend of the times.

Although domestic electronic balance products can not catch up with the international industry's products in the short term, but after practical efforts can narrow the gap between the period, we can make further research on the basis of the existing technology. In short, the use of high-tech electronic technology to produce high-precision and high-stability electronic balance is the inevitable direction of the development of the world's electronic balance.

As the economy picks up, the electronic measuring instrument market will usher in another spring. The main reasons are: First, the state attaches great importance to the construction of schools' basic construction. Not only is the construction of university laboratories a concern of the country, but the construction of laboratories in primary and secondary schools has also entered the planning of the Ministry of Education; Second, the state has made public health undertakings such as food safety. Attention will be given to raising the government's attention to such detection and measurement instruments. Third, with the increasing development of network communications, communication detection instruments will also usher in a high degree of development.

Faced with the rapid development of China's electronic measurement instrument market, China's electronic measurement equipment companies will accelerate the pace of technological progress and market development, and strive to do a good job in the development of domestic and foreign markets, truly make China's electronic measuring instrument industry stronger and bigger , To provide more, better, newer electronic measuring instrument products to users.

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