Membrane separation technology continues to deepen and expand in the pharmaceutical industry

At present, membrane separation technology is still in an ascendant stage of development. It is still necessary to continuously explore and develop new processes and materials, and to constantly expand the existing application areas so that membrane technology can play a greater role.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy, and membrane separation technology is one of the most advanced separation technologies in the 21st century. The competition of bulk APIs is essentially a competition between the fermentation process and the extraction process. The key to extraction technology is the use of membranes and other downstream separation technologies. Whoever masters the membrane technology will master the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Membrane separation technology as an important means of technological innovation in the modern pharmaceutical industry, its application in the pharmaceutical industry will continue to deepen and expand. With the continuous improvement of membrane materials, membrane modules and membrane equipment, separation technology will play an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is reported that as a new type of separation and purification technology, membrane separation technology is an efficient and environmentally friendly separation process. It is a multidisciplinary high-tech, and it can exhibit various physical, chemical, and biological properties. This kind of feature has more advantages. Nowadays, it has been used in the fields of chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, biology, etc. However, there are few applied researches in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

Due to the superior performance of the membrane separation technology itself, the membrane process has now received universal attention in various countries. In today's energy shortages, shortage of resources, and deterioration of the ecological environment, the industrial and scientific communities regard the membrane process as an extremely important new technology in the transformation of industrial technology in the 21st century.

With the development of membrane science and technology in China, corresponding academic and technical groups have also been established. Their establishment plays a decisive role in regulating the standards of the film industry and promoting the development of the film industry.

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