How LED lighting companies respond to the temptation of the Internet

Nowadays, because the success stories of the Internet are one by one, and in the market environment, we are eager to try. The electric shock has become a thought of many enterprises, because the traditional business model competition has been in a stalemate under the line. There are different mentalities for electric shock. Electric shock may be an innovation or innovation for our company's operating model. It may be a strategic contribution to new performance growth. It may be an escape. After the traditional operating model has not achieved much. I want to find another way! In fact, there is a strong escaping thought or speculative mentality; at the same time, under the legendary encouragement of many industry organizations, many companies are dizzy and impulsive! Like the spring sugar in 2014, everyone in the streets and alleys during the Chengdu Sugar and Wine Festival is talking about O2O. I am afraid that the sanitation workers who sweep the streets know that O2O exists!


It is undeniable that the Internet has brought unprecedented changes to our lives, work and markets, and has brought new thinking about the development of the new economy. In this context, many outstanding enterprises have been achieved, such as millet, three squirrels, oranges, etc. Wait, how we interpret it for these phenomena will also affect our strategic choices in operation. From the perspective of long-term service and marketing work in marketing consulting, we need to watch, calmly analyze and actively participate in the development of the Internet, instead of blindly following blindly, the blind movement after impulsiveness will turn the original innovation into trauma, dilute the enterprise. Original accumulation!
In the face of the raging Internet, we can have enthusiasm and passion, integrate into the Internet and carry out more thinking, but we cannot understand one-sidedly that it is selling things online. How can traditional lighting companies in the Internet era understand this marketing thinking? What? How to change it?
Are you tempted by the temptation lighting company under the Internet?
First, simply think of the Internet as a channel model, one-sided understanding, blindly involved!
From most of the understanding of the Internet is to sell things online, sell their products through the network platform, a one-sided understanding becomes a choice or increase of channel models. This phenomenon can be clearly seen from the conversations of enterprises and businesses in the spring sugar liqueurs in 2014. It is felt that the Internet has become the last straw for the development of white wine (O2O) in the extremely weak situation of the liquor industry. ! Driven by many industry media and industry practitioners (industry practitioners, including alcoholic e-commerce and alcohol consulting companies), everyone began to be blind;
For the specific sales models under the Internet, such as B2B, B2C or O2O, the actual guiding significance of our specific enterprises needs to be treated differently, and cannot be generalized. From a sales point of view, the Internet has reduced the specific sales links, from product quality (quality fidelity), service (direct and word of mouth) and price (one step in place) to bring more value-added points to consumers, but Its competitiveness lies in the supply of high-quality products (source of goods), logistics and distribution services, etc. In essence, this advantage comes from manufacturers, and more businesses are difficult to show more advantages, unless they operate through the platform (ie : E-commerce channel branding), if you can not build core competitive products and experience, logistics and services, the Internet will always become a trap in the operation!
From the point of view of electric shock companies, taking Taobao as an example, the e-commerce profits of cosmetics involved only accounted for 5. At present, there are 280,000 merchants doing B2B and B2C business in Taobao in China, but there is almost no money for 270,000 cosmetics online stores. Earn, this is actually the tip of the iceberg, which means that most of them are working or donating for Ali!
Second, the Internet brings a kind of thinking, a kind of consumer insight under the big data and a new marketing awareness. The Internet brings the timeliness, authenticity and consumption autonomy of information transmission, and consumers can enjoy it at the lowest cost. More product information, while purchasing options and actions are completed between the fingers. The symmetry of Internet information establishes a unified reputation evaluation. It is based on the most essential credit system and evaluation system of consumers. This Internet not only changes the traditional consumer purchasing behavior, but also changes the traditional manufacturers' sales thinking and traditional channels. Intercepting and forcing insufficiency has made it difficult to retain consumers, corresponding to how manufacturers can change and respond to potential consumer needs, in order to better meet and serve consumers, through quality products and experience, good service and reputation, and preferential Price and promotion, etc., to attract consumption and generate high-frequency repeat purchases.
The market environment under the Internet thinking has changed a lot. Whether it is online or offline, the change is reflected in the consumer's mind and consumer behavior, while in product selection, it is not because your product is a well-known brand. Nor is it because your company or product is brand new, but it is a combination of value satisfaction and emotional level from the essential attributes of the product, and the final sale of the product through the excellent attributes and full experience of the product. It is truly centered around the consumer. Marketing under Internet thinking is a re-definition of brands under the category, especially when the relationship between products and brands is closer. It is a revolution in traditional marketing.
Third, what should we do under Internet thinking?
The big data under the Internet thinking has unveiled the previous market-level gauze. A big thinking or local-style operation is difficult to work, but it needs to face consumers directly, truthfully and modestly, reflecting consumers. Real consumer demand (especially unmet potential needs). The market environment under the Internet of Things concept also gives more product brands the opportunity to compete on the same stage. Whether it is online or offline transactions, the original big brand thinking and the advantages of big brands are gradually being zeroed under the Internet thinking. Need to re-understand the consumer, in order to get to the target group again. We believe that companies should think in several ways:
1. Clearer brand ideas and focused thinking. Due to the strong interference of information dissemination in the context of big data, the channels of consumer purchase and consumer psychology have changed. Non-inertial and timely consumption choices have made consumers accept products and The brand information is basically in sync, shortening the time of brand cultivation, and the core position of the product becomes more prominent. The cost performance of the product is the first consideration factor, and the price/performance ratio is based on the same quality, function, price and service. Random choice, and the thinking that relies entirely on brand-driven to achieve product quantity has begun to weaken; because of the timeliness and fragmentation of information, the information interference and information update speed have made it difficult for consumers to The new brand produces a deeper memory. Only after the purchase behavior and the first consumer experience can the brand produce a mark in the mind of the consumer, so in the process of brand operation, two things need to be done, namely: It is brand positioning and product construction clear, can accurately lock the core consumer groups; second, product and brand operation Integration allows consumers to quickly understand the brand in consumer products, and further allows consumers to fall in love with your products because of branding.
Under the Internet thinking, the product driving force is emphasized, starting from the essential needs of consumer demand, starting with the product's ability to meet consumer demand and product differentiation (having a strong ability to replace other products and categories, and can make consumption The purchaser feels added value, allowing the consumer to choose to return to the original point. The brand starts from the perspective of consumption guidance, consumption lock-up and consumer loyalty, maintains the product's deep lock on consumers, realizes the process of consumers from rational purchase to emotional consumption, and then allows brands and products to form mutual support.
Regardless of whether brands and products operate online or offline, consumers' choices are always considered in a large market environment. In essence, consumers do not strictly distinguish whether their own consumer behaviors occur online or offline, because most of them Consumer goods can be positioned to improve demand, because most of the products are not essential for consumers, and consumer demand is mainly based on impulsive purchases.
2. Focus on value, pay attention to experience, and establish integrated output with consumers as the center. Many companies have done sales for decades, but from the essence of market demand, there is geometry? Most of them are smug with some of the advantages of their own products or because of the sound of their own brand, it is difficult to put down the body from the traditional channel king, the regional king's aura. In the market environment under the Internet thinking, major changes have taken place. Diversification of channels and fragmentation of information have become the golden key to breaking the iron wall of the original market. It is increasingly difficult to raise the channel threshold and channel blockade under the traditional consciousness;
Under the fragmentation era of information fragmentation, information dissemination channels are everywhere, and each channel can hardly become the mainstream communication channel. This situation is the same for any brand and product. The same sales channels are also diverse and cannot be used once. Sexually locks a main sales channel, and can sell goods everywhere, and may not sell goods everywhere. Leading to over-investment and gains in certain channels is disproportionate.
In a multi-various market environment, only focus on the core of consumer attention, starting from paying attention to the details of consumers, doing a good job in each sales channel and terminal, while paying attention to the synchronization of product sales and information dissemination, in order to ensure the effectiveness of information dissemination and The instantaneous inducement to consumers, product advantages and brand potential must be felt immediately when consumers come into contact with brands or products, and form effective brand support for products and effective support for brands. Brands and products must be highly integrated. Form an integrated output. And this integrated output is reflected in the information channels that consumers may be exposed to, the sales channels that may be purchased in products, and so on.
3, the combination of camp and sales, re-experience and appeal in the traditional marketing activities, in fact, the marketing concept is considered to be resolved into camps and sales, there is no formation of action coherence, the camp pays more attention to the creation of brand atmosphere, sales focus on At the channel level, in the market environment where information and sales channels are relatively simple, this kind of operation has achieved many brands and products. In the case of developed information and diverse channels, marketing must be highly integrated to form coherence and need. Combine the value, appeal and communication of the brand with the brand, and output it to the consumer through the experiential whole, let the consumer fully understand and integrate into the happy shopping experience.
Consumer experience is the key to the operation of Internet thinking. The experience has broken the previous brand operation, which is always the screaming compulsive propaganda (clear brand appeal), but the feeling of the consumer's real consumption process. He shows in pre-sales consumption. The level of understanding of specific products and brands, the degree of communication between consumers and sellers, the experience of consumers after the product or the service, etc., can not be ignored in every aspect, and reflected in the product. In the evaluation system, instead of selling the previous products, everything is fine, there is no after-sales and evaluation, and there is a trade between the merchant and the consumer after the sale.

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