·The construction of charging facilities is mainly based on the user's place of residence, unit parking lot, bus and taxi yard.

In order to implement the relevant arrangements of the State Council executive meeting on accelerating the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, establish a charging infrastructure promotion alliance, exchange construction experience, and accelerate the construction of national charging infrastructure. The National Energy Administration held a national new energy source in Changzhou on October 12. Car charging infrastructure construction site meeting.
[Tong Guangyi] The third is the construction of sub-sites. We have predicted the charging facilities, and where are they installed? After we set the goals in the Guide, where are we going to install? We just want to think that private passenger cars use their own piles as much as possible, second, units, three public places, and four public areas. Probably divided by location, you can see that we have arranged 2.8 million user-specific charging piles in the self-occupied community, and there are 1.5 million user-specific charging piles in the internal parking lot of the unit. This is a dedicated charging station and charging. facility. This is our overall deployment of the charging facility.
What should I do to build these piles? The next step is to consider this. What kind of ideas do we build to build so many piles? This is our overall consideration. In the "Development Guide", we originally wrote 15 articles. Later, after consultation, we changed into four major articles: one is overall planning and scientific layout; the second is moderately advanced and orderly construction; the third is unified standards and universal openness. The fourth is to rely on the market and innovation mechanism. Under such a system, we have introduced a series of construction principles. In this line of thinking, we say that it is a principle. For example, the main principle is to propose charging for the user's place of residence, unit parking lot, bus and taxi yard. The facilities are mainly based on public parking lots, public parking lots, temporary parking spaces, etc., which means that the charging facilities are mainly based on homes, units and public bus stations, and other public buildings and public places. Parking lots and temporary parking lots are all auxiliary, but this amount will be larger.
Then there is the gradual establishment of urban fast charging stations and expressway fast filling stations, which means that the whole construction system and ideas are based on homes, units, buses and rental stations. The public parking lot, temporary parking spaces are supplemented, independent urban fast charging stations and power stations and highways are a supplement. This is the basic idea of ​​our construction. On this basis, the requirements for each regional construction standard are required. . For example, it is required to install 100% of the newly built houses in the city with charging piles or reserve charging piles. 10% of the parking spaces are reserved in public places to be installed or loaded with charging piles. For example, in public areas such as football stadiums, 10% of public parking spaces must be equipped with charging facilities. Every two thousand vehicles are equipped with a charging station to encourage the simultaneous construction of public parking lots and charging stations.
In the process of advancing, there is a clear statement on the opinions. One is to build a resident, the other is to build a unit, the third is to build a public place, and the other is a highway. The basic idea is very clear.

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