Meet 2016 with Mobil Black Lord! 2015 Mobil Blackhead National Road Show Perfection Call

Recently, in the crowded highway harbor of Wuhan Xinqi'an, as the beautiful host shouted "Good-bye next year!", this year the 50th Mobil Black Backhoe National Truck Roadshow successfully ended in the song, applause and cheers of the card friends.

Mobil Black Overlord road show perfect curtain call
Mobil Black Overlord road show perfect curtain call

The year 2015 was the eleventh year that the Mei Foo Black Overlord National Roadshow was held in China. In the past 11 years, from “more oil, more business upgrades” to “lasting power, who is the overlord!”, from the “grounding gas” product promotion to the “warm heart” truck driver care, dozens of high-volume activities each year Not only in many cities across the country anger swept flu, on stage and under the game interactive links include product anti-counterfeiting, driving safety, health inspections and other rich content, so that drivers across the world feel the 360-degree international brand awareness of intimate care.

Apart from the two established contents of “lasting momentum” and “continuing care,” the “90th Anniversary Brand Commemoration” is also another eye-catching theme for this year’s national roadshow. In line with this theme, the song “Hey! Overlord” written for the Chinese truck driver by the Mobil Black Overlord, with a dynamic rhythm to make the driver's sadness, also shows the driver’s open-minded attitude, and gained a lot of points online and offline. Praise; mobile game "Who is the eye-catching examiner?" For the first time in combination with a touch-screen interaction, moving fingers immediately grasp the multi-product anti-counterfeiting technology.

In the road show, the loudest voice still belongs to the "truck driver story society" - "lasting power, who is the overlord!" From the first time since its inception, through continuous exchanges with its cardmates over the past three years, the event has gone from a brief product testimony to a deeper understanding of the driver’s business and life, and the Mobil Black Lord has witnessed many drivers lingering in the logistics park. Destinations wait for goods, find goods, and finally become the logistics company operators who have begun to take shape. They feel the sincere greetings of the day-to-day telephone exchanges between card-friends and their families, and feel the insatiable risks and security of card-friends' delivery numerous times. Come back and touch the mutual support and unrequited support between the card friends. One bright and clear story makes Mobil Blackhead firmly believe that our attention to the majority of driver groups will not end with care and will continue to deepen understanding.

In 2015, the Meifu Black Overlord National Roadshow made a perfect curtain call before the winter. The 90th anniversary commemorative event and the warm love for the card friends never stopped. Welcome to the official website of the brand-new Meifu Black Overlord. The Mobili Black Overlord's 90 years of hard work, wonderful truck driver stories, full version of "Hey! Overlord" and more product information and anti-counterfeiting technology are all in the bag. In 2016, we are no more!

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