3 tons of sewage suction car price is how much

Sewage suction trucks are an indispensable product in urban cleaning. Like other special vehicles, sewage suction trucks have different tonnages, such as 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 12 tons, and 18 tons. Different tonnage vehicles represent different kinds of sewage that they can hold, and their prices will be different. The larger the tonnage price, the more expensive it is. The 3-ton sewage suction truck is a small-tonnage sewage suction truck. In comparison, the price is cheaper. What is the price of a 3-ton sewage suction truck?


3 tons of sewage suction truck price: 180000 yuan, 189000 yuan, 130,000 yuan, 77500 yuan and so on. Specifically, we need to look at the tonnage, function, brand, and other aspects, and determine the price based on its actual conditions. If you think that the new 3 tons of sewage suction truck is too expensive, you can also choose to use second-hand, generally used 3 tons of sewage suction truck prices are between 3-4 million, cheaper than the novel 3 tons of sewage suction truck generally around.

Buy 3 tons of sewage suction car to pay attention to several aspects:

1. Pay attention to the sheet quality of the 3-ton sewage suction truck and the vacuum sealing degree of the tank. If its sheet is too bad, it will be deformed and damaged for a long time, which will affect daily use.

The vacuum kits for the 2 or 3 tons of sewage suction trucks should be able to select well-known brands, and the Veyron series should be better. They have a strong sense of temperature difference and good pressure bearing capacity.

3. The rear lid of the 3-ton sewage suction truck needs to be selected in terms of temperature difference, working environment, and usage status.

4. It is necessary to look at the national emission label of a 3-ton sewage suction vehicle. It must meet the national emission standards. If it does not comply with the relevant standards, it is impossible to walk on the road with a license plate, and then the vehicle will not have any use for buying it back.

What is the price of a 3-ton sewage suction truck? What kind of 3-ton sewage suction truck to buy? According to the actual situation, we want to buy a brand new 3-ton sewage suction truck, but we hope its price can be cheaper. Specialized production of special vehicles for manufacturers to buy, factory direct price will be more affordable.

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