Do not use car lights indiscriminately and use them properly in different environments!

Regarding how to properly use lights in different environments, there are clear provisions in our road traffic safety law, but there are still many drivers who do not know or do not care about the proper use of lights in specific situations. Using light indiscriminately can be very dangerous, so how can we properly use the light?

1 Light rain, light snow, and mist

When there is light rain, light snow, and mist during driving, and the visibility is less than 200 meters, you need to turn on the fog lights, low beam lights, position lights, and front and rear lights on your car. At the same time, it should ensure that the speed is not higher than 60 kilometers per hour.

2 When it's raining, when it's snowing, when it's fogging

When encountering moderate rainfall, snowfall, and fogfall during driving, when road visibility is less than 100 meters, fog lights, low beam lights, marker lights, front and rear tail lights should be turned on, and hazard warning lights should be turned on (double (Flashing lights), while ensuring that the speed is not higher than 40 km/h.

3 Heavy rain, heavy snow, heavy fog

When heavy rainfall, snowfall, and heavy fog are encountered during driving, the road surface visibility is less than 50 meters. At this time, the safest method is to try not to drive, but if the conditions are not allowed (there are no parking conditions on or near the highway etc. ), It must be turned on the fog lights, low beam lights, marker lights, front and rear lights, hazard warning lights and other basic lights that can be turned on, but remember not to turn on high beam lights. At the same time, the driver should ensure that the speed of the vehicle is less than 20 kilometers per hour. He must sound the whistle when he or she determines whether or not there is a pedestrian before and after the vehicle is judged. This serves as a warning.


1. Do not open double flash

Many drivers are used to only turning on the double flash of the car under rain, snow and fog, without other lights. This method is wrong and dangerous. Generally, it should only be opened separately in the event of a vehicle accident or temporary parking. Flashing lights. In normal rain and snow conditions, only fog lights, position lights, front and rear lights, and low beam lights can be turned on. When extreme weather needs to use double flash lights, it must be turned on with other lights. Otherwise, it is not so strong in the warning effect of rain, snow and fog, and second, it is easy for the front and rear vehicles to misunderstand the intentions of the driver, causing safety problems.

2. Do not turn on the high beam in rain and snow

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that high beam must not be turned on in rain, snow, and fog because the high beam angle of the high beam is easily reflected in the eyes of the driver of the opposing vehicle after being refracted by rain and fog, resulting in a blurred vision of the driver. Temporarily blind, this seriously jeopardizes its driving safety.

3. Do not open the rear fog lamp at night in normal weather conditions

If the weather is fine, please do not turn on the rear fog lamp when you are driving at night because the design of the rear fog lamp considers the ability of rain, snow and fog to penetrate, so the lighting angle is set higher and the brightness is also higher. When the visibility is sufficient under normal weather conditions, the fog lamp will dangling to the rear driver, causing dizziness.

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