Power Transformer Winding Deformation Detector Product Features

Power Transformer Winding Deformation Detector is suitable for power system, railway system, petroleum system, etc. to detect transformer transformer winding deformation, displacement and iron core loose after large-capacity transformer withstand short-circuit current. The advanced equipment designed and produced using the principle of frequency response method. The instrument is the introduction of the most innovative transformer internal damage non-destructive testing equipment, used to determine the degree of transformer internal winding deformation, is an important means of preventive non-destructive testing.
The power transformer winding deformation detector is suitable for 6.3KV~500KV power transformers. The real operating functions are displayed on the computer screen with Chinese prompts or simple English prompts. Portable computer, color printer and main measurement system.
Power transformer winding deformation detector Product features:
The test can be performed without hanging the transformer or disassembling the transformer.
Use the most popular swept frequency method to measure.
This instrument can measure transformers above 6kV.
The power transformer winding deformation detector adopts a split-type structure. The USB connection between the test host and the main control computer is used for plug and play.
Field wiring is simple and easy to use.
Wide dynamic range of measurement: -100dB to 20dB.
The analysis software is powerful and the software and hardware indicators meet the national standard DL/T911-2004.
Test host and PC interface: USB.
Using windows platform, compatible with Window 2000/Window XP.
The power transformer winding deformation detector can load multiple curves at the same time, the relevant parameters of each curve are automatically calculated, and the deformation of the winding is automatically diagnosed, and the diagnosis conclusion is given.
The software has a high degree of intelligence. After the input and output signals are connected, only one key press is required to complete all measurement tasks.
The user-friendly features of the software are obvious, and the various conditions for measurement are mostly options. There is no need to make many inputs at the site, and the use of personnel is more convenient.
The software interface is simple and intuitive.
Power transformer winding deformation detector software management features a powerful, fully consider the needs of the site use, automatically save the environmental conditions parameters in order to provide a basis for transformer winding deformation diagnosis. The measurement data is automatically saved and has a color printing function, which facilitates the user to output the test report.

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