Hefei Lubricating Oil Quality Inspection Changrun Zhongtian other products failed

In the second half of 2016, the Hefei Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce organized a city-level quality inspection of the lubricants sold on the market in Hefei City, and announced on its website that 40 batches of sample quality inspections were conducted on January 9, 2017. Among them, 14 were qualified and 26 were unqualified.
Lubricant inspection Lubricant inspection

In the spot check, unqualified oil products were unqualified in multiple projects. Lubricant failure projects focused on the open flash point, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, pour point, hydraulic oil also includes anti-emulsification failed. Brake fluid failure items involve -40°C kinematic viscosity, 100°C kinematic viscosity, equilibrium reflux boiling point, wet equilibrium reflux boiling point, low temperature fluidity, and appearance indicators. Unqualified coolant items include density, freezing point, boiling point, and pH.

The industry and commerce department reminds users to learn more about the relevant standards and quality requirements of lubricating oil, not to unilaterally pursue low prices for lubricating oil selection, and to learn some simple methods for quality selection and discrimination. Try to buy products from well-known manufacturers to ensure reliable quality and stable performance. At the same time, different types of lubricating oil can not be mixed so as to avoid mutual reaction and cause engine damage.

Unqualified manufacturers are: Wuhan Haorun Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jintan Lumen Lubricating Oil Factory, Zibo Lanjue Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Beijing Runfu Runjie Trading Co., Ltd., Changrun Lubricant Products Co., Ltd., Anhui Tianchi Pioneer Oil Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Bingjie Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Wuhan Great Wall Zhongtian Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Zhiyi Lubricant Co., Ltd., and Shaoyang Shuangqing District Nanfang Special Oil Factory.

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