· Schaeffler's 10 millionth CVT chain goes offline

For Schaeffler, the development and production history of the CVT chain is like a success story that has been continuously written: In 1999, the innovative product was first applied to the Audi A6 "Multitronic" gearbox. The initial production capacity of the production line in Boer, Germany, is only 50 pieces, and today, the production volume has reached 6,000 pieces per working day. And on a global scale, indicators are also growing.
Thanks to the Schaeffler LuK multi-ring chain, the continuously variable transmission (CVT) can be used in high torque applications. The entire process from R&D to mass production fully demonstrates that Schaeffler can provide its customers with comprehensive expertise and knowledge. At the ceremony celebrating the production of CVT chain reached 10 million, Norbert Indlekofer, CEO of Schaeffler Group Automotive Division, said: "The perfect cooperation between the R&D and production departments has been played. The key role, and our customers continue to benefit from it.” Production equipment tailored to the relevant needs is designed and produced by Schaeffler Special Machinery.
Best Performance Awards Schaeffler's operational excellence is highly recognized by many customers. Mr. Holger Ubben, Vice President of CVT Product Line, recently won a Best Performance Award in Mexico. The award was presented by JATCO Mexico to recognize Schaeffler's spontaneous capacity expansion for the JATCO CVT8 transmission in 2015. Thanks to the strong support of the special machinery sector, the Schaeffler plant is able to respond flexibly to market demands. Mr. Trudbert Kraus, Vice President of Advanced Operations, Schaeffler Transmission Systems Business Unit, said: “We have once again proven that the company’s in-depth control of the production process is critical.”
Continued success stories Modern gearbox automation concepts, such as the products offered by Schaeffler, have excellent efficiency and allow more and more drivers around the world to enjoy the driving convenience without clutch pedals. Another advantage of the continuously variable transmission is that it can be continuously changed without interrupting the power, which means that the engine can always operate within the optimum power consumption range. Mr. Indkov explained: “The Schaeffler chain has an advantage in terms of efficiency compared to similar products in the market.” This also keeps Schaeffler products on a global market: Schaeffler is located in Mexico Capacity expansion at the Puebla plant has begun to meet market demand in late 2017. Preparations for localization in China are also in progress and are expected to go into production in September 2018.

Engraving materials commonly used in Advertising Cnc Router and their scope of application:

1. Commonly used engraving materials

Two-color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, ABS.

2. Unused carving materials

Metal materials (steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, etc., mainly used in the mold manufacturing industry), rubber, cowhide, stone, fireproof board, cardboard, aluminum composite board, copper clad board, resin board and other composite materials, horns, bronze , steel stamp, rubber stamp, etc.

3. Applicable scope

Badge, modeling, steel mold, engraving, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signboards, sign making, hand boards, punching, printing factory die, advertising word cutting, engraving advertising light boxes, in the process of processing As the material and processing method change, the working parameters of the tool are not the same, and should be adjusted appropriately.

The Engraving Machine should process the material according to the design use of the machine, and processing the unsuitable material for a long time is likely to cause the accuracy of the machine to decrease.

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