Technical stickers: What are the preparations for the smart home system?

If you want to do a full-house smart system, all the independently operated lights, curtains, fresh air, floor heating, air conditioning, audio and video entertainment, security alarms and other systems are integrated into the same platform to work together, so when the early design is indeed Need to think carefully.

1. Consideration of the control system
For the choice of central control system, but in fact, regardless of the choice Crestron, Control4, Savant, KNX series, or domestic smart home brand, the most important thing is to dock with their needs. Each centrally-controlled brand has different characteristics and focuses. This is actually a reason to buy a car. It has domestic production, imports, super-runs, SUVs, and tool carts. Only by knowing their own needs can they buy real products. Suitable for your own car. Next, I will list the applications of common smart home systems and the extent to which smart homes can now be made, hoping to guide people to know where they are interested, and then target intelligent home control brands.
2. Touch system considerations
Due to the existence of the first category of smart single products mentioned above, everyone has a deep misunderstanding of smart home systems. They think that smart homes only control home appliances through the mobile phone APP, but in fact the real smart home system The meaning is far more than that, and the mobile phone APP or remote control is only a small part of the smart home system.
Let's take a look at the significance of smart touch system in interior design aesthetics. If there is no smart home system, switch panel, video intercom indoor unit, security alarm host, fresh air, floor heating, air conditioning, curtain, background Music and other control panels will appear on the wall of your home in a grand manner, and the carefully designed interior design style will also be destroyed.
And if you have a smart home system, what appears on your home wall will be an exquisite touch screen or smart panel like the one below, and one piece will replace all the original messy panels.
Touch system pre-renovation preparation:
Choose the smart panel or touch screen that matches the interior design style from the color, texture and shape; on the wiring, no need to install any traditional switch control panel (if lack of security, you can hide the traditional control panel hidden in the wardrobe and other concealed Location, in case of need), choose the right point to set smart panel or touch screen, general smart panel uses a four-core shielded wire connected to the host or control module by hand in hand (KNX protocol smart panel requires only two wires Cable, but for security purposes, usually cloth is four cores), touch screen is recommended to use POE power supply type, using six types of network cable connected to the switch.
3. Consideration of lighting system
What are the differences in lighting systems that integrate into smart homes:
a Induction lighting, by setting up sensors in balconies, stairs, aisles, cloakrooms, bathrooms, audio-visual rooms, etc. In many cases, you can forget about switching lights. People turn on lights, and people turn lights off. Scenario application: As soon as the night comes, as long as your feet are on the ground, all the way to the soft ground light will guide you to the bathroom, return to the bed, it will automatically shut down, do not worry about disturbing the family again.
b The application of a large amount of dimming, in the traditional lighting system, the implementation of dimming is cumbersome and inefficient, so it usually only appears on the desk lamp, and the centralized control of the intelligent lighting system perfectly solves this problem. You will be able to use a lot of dimming in your home to create a different atmosphere or just for comfortable brightness. You can adjust the brightness of each lamp on the touch screen or smart panel or perform scene control. If you want, they can Even automatic adjustments can be made in real time through changes in indoor and outdoor illuminance.
c Centralized scene control, integrated full-on, full-off, and various custom scene modes, making one-touch control the norm. Scenario application: We have done an imprecise statistics, a three-storey villa, if the master bedroom is located on the third floor, then when you return late, from the entrance to the master bedroom, at least seven times to switch the panel, and if there is With the smart home system, you can click on your own late return mode or guide mode on the touch screen of the door, all the lights from the entrance to the master bedroom will light up and turn off automatically when you arrive at the master bedroom. .
d Energy management, traditional lighting systems, especially large houses. Once an unusual room is forgotten to turn off the lights, it may take several days to open. If you are obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, make sure that all lights are turned off before going out every time. It has been closed and it will be a very laborious process. But if you have a smart home system, you will be able to see at a glance where the lights are on, where the lights are off, and when you go out, you can click on the off mode, all lights will turn off, or you will leave home. In addition to all lights off, air conditioning, floor heating and other systems will also stop running, and the security program will automatically run.
e The need for special lighting applications, the involvement of smart home systems, makes lighting design very playable, and can realize the whimsy of many designers or owners. Scenario application: The Avenue of Stars can be in the garden of the villa. When the owner's car comes back, the garden gate opens automatically, and the ground lamp, which is set up from the garden gate to the garage road, will open one by one and then extinguish one by one. Guide the vehicle from the gate to the garage, brains make up for that noble picture, is no longer expensive marble can not get it; of course not everyone has such a large garden, then on their own stairs can also be achieved when The sensor detects that you are going up and down the stairs, the ground lamp beside the stairs, and you can follow your steps one by one and turn off one by one. Maybe you would think that this is no different from ordinary sensor lights. I say that there are fundamental differences. The common sensor lights, sensors and lights are integrated, which means that each time you go through a flight of stairs, you have to go through a process of sensing and then lighting. This process may take less than 0.5 seconds, but if each stair is That's it, people walking on it feel like a card and a card. It's very uncomfortable, and the stairlights that are taken over by the intelligent light control are when you step on the first level. The sensor triggers a series of instructions, and the specific lighting mode can be customized according to each person's habits. Some people like to light up gradually, and then close together. Someone likes to have a advance amount of light, which turns on gradually. , and then close down step by step, there are people who like to fully open the entire off, these can be done, the lack of lighting design is the inspiration.
Pre-lighting of lighting system decoration:
Mainly to discuss with the home improvement designer or smart home designer to determine the light circuit, which is the ordinary opening and closing, which is the need for dimming, which circuit is the need for special design (for example: from night lights, stairs lights, etc.); wiring On the other hand, access to the intelligent light control lighting system will be much simpler, because it is not necessary to lay out the switch control line. It is only necessary to connect the power cable of the controlled lamp to the light box.
4. Consideration of curtain system
Many people say that electric curtains are pseudo-intelligence, and it's convenient to pull them. Why do they have to be electric? At this time, I always liked to use the example of a car window to refute the fact that the hand-cranked windows of the past were also considered very convenient, rather than matching expensive electric windows, but in fact, once used electric windows, it was true. Can't go back to the hand-cranked windows, now electric windows have become standard, and the hand-cranked windows have almost disappeared, the same thing I believe will also occur in the electric curtains, because the smart home system is connected to the electric The curtain system is no longer a simple electric curtain but has become an integral part of the entire smart home system and has many wonderful applications.
Curtain scene application:
a With the smart curtain system with centralized control, you can open or close multiple curtains, awnings or sunroofs at the same time. In this way, we can use a more concise and transparent design language in indoor design. The utilization of scenes such as sunken gardens will be higher because you only need one key to complete the entire lighting, shade, or sheltering arrangement.
b Scene-based mode applications, such as: Morning mode, to set a good time to get up, do not worry about disturbing the alarm clock, curtains automatically open for you 1/3, so that some natural light comes in, background music slowly sounds, and then you Will slowly regain consciousness. All other scene modes can also be used to customize the application of linked curtains. In the viewing mode, the linked curtains are automatically closed, and in the guest mode, the linked curtains are automatically opened.
c Induction linkage control, through linkage application with the weather sensor, in the sudden rainfall, the window regulator will automatically retract, the sunroof will be automatically closed; through the linkage application with the illumination sensor, the curtain will be based on the difference of indoor and outdoor illumination , Automatically adjust the opening and closing of the curtain, so that the indoor lighting is always the best.
Curtain system decoration preliminary preparation:
Combine the overall design style, discuss with the designer and family, arrange the system of electric curtains, sunshades, skylights, etc., determine which areas need controlled electric curtains, and determine the style of curtains, because different curtain styles need to correspond to different curtains Motor; In the wiring, it is recommended to use curtain motor supporting 485 communication protocol, each motor needs to stay strong power supply, and the use of four-core shielded wire (actual 485 communication protocol only requires two cores) by hand-in-hand connection to the host Or control module interface.
5. Consideration of HVAC system
The HVAC system covers all new air, floor heating, and air conditioning systems. After accessing the smart home system, centralized control is achieved. The low cost of access and powerful functions make it a must-have for the home.
What can be connected to the HVAC system of smart home control?
a These unsightly fresh air-conditioned floor heating control panels will no longer be found on various walls. Not only can they be centrally controlled on the touch screen, but they can also be used to work together and perform their duties.
b For constant temperature and humidity, only a small temperature and humidity sensor is required. Using the HVAC system with access to intelligent control can create an ideal constant temperature and humidity space at a minimal cost. The cellar or calligraphy and painting collection is really appropriate.
c. Remote control, I always think that remote control or APP control is a very small part of the smart home system, but it does not mean that it is not important, just to see if there is a suitable scene, the remote application of HVAC system is very much in sight. During the cold winter season, when you are off duty, tap the home mode on your mobile phone or watch. When you get home, the air is fresh and the temperature is just right. That moment of happiness always springs up.
HVAC system decoration preparation:
Because it is a complete access control, there is not much need to consider the place, with the designer to discuss the layout of the air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air can be, and then according to their own functional needs to buy the appropriate models; wiring, different brands Different types of equipment control methods are not the same, but they are very mature. Only when the HVAC system is in construction, can the corresponding control lines be introduced into the light box or cabinet.
6. Considerations for AV Entertainment System
a Do you need background music?
I think it is necessary, because once it is once owned, it can never be separated. The background music that is connected to the intelligent central control system can not only realize the partition control, listen to different music in different rooms, share the sound source, or directly project the music on the mobile phone, but it can also be an alarm device in the security system. The person gives a warning; or the alarm clock in the morning, the melodious music can naturally wake up; it can also be a megaphone in various regions, for example, the elderly can make a call for help in situations where they need help.
Background music decoration preparation:
Mainly in combination with interior design style and musical taste, from the color, style, quality, and functionality, select the appropriate speaker, such as in the shower room, due to the damp environment, narrow space, it is generally recommended to use a wall-mounted stereo waterproof speaker ( A speaker contains two left and right channels, and two speaker cables need to be laid out for wiring; on the wiring, each channel speaker needs to use a professional speaker cable with 2*2.0 or more, connected to the background music host of the cabinet or after Level power amplifiers, pay attention to keep a certain distance from the power lines when laying the line pipe to prevent interference.
b Does the TV need access control?
I think it is also necessary, because the cost of TV access control is not high, but it can bring the most direct convenience, especially if there are elderly people at home, usually can not get a bunch of remote control of TVs, set-top boxes, network boxes, Blu-ray machines, etc. The device, as well as a variety of input source switching, but if you have a smart central control system, the elderly can easily learn to operate, a key to start, and then you want to watch the TV station logo, you can complete the switch.
TV access decoration pre-stage preparation:
Mainly in the TV selection, in the premise of meeting the interior design style, it is best to choose a high-end model with a control protocol interface, because the access control of ordinary TV is to achieve through infrared learning, from the control The host computer replaces the remote controller to achieve all operations. This means that an infrared transmitter needs to be affixed beside the infrared receiver of the television set. Although the size of the infrared transmitter is small, it is always unpleasant. Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients often find it difficult to accept. The high-end models usually have an RS232 or RJ45 protocol interface and are connected to the host through a four-wire or network cable to achieve protocol control and more stable transmission without compromising the overall style.
c Video matrix system is not necessary?
Video matrix system is streaming media distribution system, also called video sharing system, that is to say, you can put all streaming media signal sources on the back end, and then transfer them to any front-end TV set through the HD BaseT communication protocol via network cable. All televisions in the home can share all video sources, including TV set-top boxes, Internet boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-ray players, video surveillance screens, and video intercom screens. What benefits can be enjoyed in this way? I summarize the following three points:
Neat and tidy, no more equipment and cables around the TV
One-touch switching, one-touch switching of different video sources on the Pad or touch screen
? To achieve pause and picture-in-picture and other extensions, choose a good movie on the TV in the living room, ready to savor the audio and video room, then only need to press the pause button in the living room, enter the theater to start, movie The picture is in the position you just paused, you just need to press it again to watch; or when you watch the movie in the cinema, the doorbell reminds you that the picture of the video intercom will be presented to you in the form of a picture-in-picture. In front of you, you don't have to get up and you can open the door with a button on your phone or Pad.
As for whether it is necessary or not, I think it is necessary to look at the situation. After all, video-matrix systems are still expensive. Take the car for another example. Selecting a video matrix system is actually a matter of choosing a panoramic camera for the car. There is no need for it.
Pre-stage preparation of video matrix system decoration:
Calculate the number of video sources accessing the video matrix system and the number of front-end TVs to determine the scale of the video matrix system to get a more prepared budget; wiring, it is very simple, all front-end TVs through a cable It is advisable to connect to the video matrix host. It is recommended to use Category 6 network cables. When constructing, there is usually one additional backup line to be placed just in case.
d Theater system should pay attention to what?
The theater system is very mature at present, regardless of the high, middle and low grades, can easily access the intelligent control, enjoy a key to start, a key to leave the convenience, no longer have to go to the Teng that a bunch of power amplifier Blu-ray projectors and other equipment, by the majority The love of female compatriots. In addition, after integrating the ecology of the whole house intelligence, the theater system can also work together with systems such as lights, curtains, HVAC, and video matrix to combine many wonderful applications.
Before the theater system decoration:
First of all, determine the theater design style, choose the appropriate speaker with the decoration style, and then perform some building acoustics treatment. Large-scale audio and video rooms can use embedded speakers, and small audio and video rooms are recommended to use traditional speakers in order to save space. As for speaker selection, I think that one criterion is to trust my ears. Don't listen to what the person selling the speaker says, but feel what he hears, so be sure to audition before buying the speaker.
As for wiring, it's also very simple. Look at your theater system. If it is 5.1, it's 5 speakers (usually 2 front, 1 center, 2 surround), 1 subwoofer; if it is 7.1.4, it is There are more than 2 rear speakers and 4 Sky Channel speakers; the choice of wire is also a variety of expensive and expensive, I suggest to see the level of your use of equipment, basic control in the speaker and amplifier equipment to buy about 10% of the total price The corresponding brand of wire is reasonable; speaker or use two-conductor speaker cable and integrated amplifier or amplifier connected; subwoofer, usually use active subwoofer, need to set up a power outlet next to the placement, and then through the special shot line Connected to the preamplifier or integrated amplifier (In fact, the use of ordinary audio signal line can also be based on your fever level, and the value of the equipment is directly proportional to); then the projector, also need to reserve power, wire In the above, an HDMI high-definition line is connected with the preamplifier or video matrix host. A four-core shielded line is connected to the central control host to control the projector through RS232.
7. Security System Considerations
Kitchen gas safety, equipped with a combustible gas concentration detector, triggers an alarm when a concentration higher than the alarm level is detected, an alarm through a background music system to alert personnel, and a mechanical solenoid valve can be linked to cut off the gas transmission.
Security alarm, indoor, usually distributed in various areas of the sensor for switching lights, in the deployment mode, can be used as a security detector, once detected intrusion, immediately linked to the background music to send an alarm, the area of ​​light flashes, Deters intruders and can send an alarm via SMS or phone. Outdoor, the fingerprint lock integrates the anti-hijacking mode, and the perimeter can be implemented by using infrared radiation, electronic fences, or outdoor security detectors.
Video monitoring, setting monitoring points reasonably, recording and controlling the global environment, not only can the screen of each camera be viewed in real time through the touch screen or television, but also can be remotely viewed through the mobile phone APP.
Security system preparation before renovation:
Mainly based on their actual situation to determine the security level to determine the equipment used. On the wiring, the fingerprint lock remote control module and all kinds of sensors are connected with the central control host or function module using a four-wire cable. The surveillance camera usually uses a POE-powered camera. It is recommended to use a Category 6 network cable to connect to a switch or an NVR host.
8. Network System Considerations
An enterprise-class stable and bandwidth-filled network system is the guarantee for data transmission in intelligent control systems. It is recommended that all six gigabit network cabling be used, and wireless APs be used to implement seamless WIFI roaming.

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