The first biometric technology standard issued by the financial industry

A few days ago, China's financial industry "Mobile Finance based on voiceprint identification security application technical specifications" standards issued by the People's Bank of China. The standard was initiated by China Construction Bank, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Deyi Audio Technology Co., Ltd., which lasted for three years and was approved by the central bank. During the revision period of the standard, under the leadership of the Science and Technology Department of the Central Bank, the sponsoring units jointly worked with major domestic banks such as labor, agriculture, China and China, national assessment agencies and third-party payment platforms to further improve the standard approval draft. This is the first biometric technology standard issued by the central bank in China's financial industry.

We may also have noticed that voiceprint recognition is leaving us in our lives. WeChat can be logged in with sound, Alipay also has a sound lock, and behind it is the biometric feature of identifying the voiceprint.

It is understood that voiceprint as a behavioral feature has uniqueness and uniqueness; voiceprints are not easy to tamper with, and the comprehensive use of rich information contained in sounds can have high security features; secondly, because of the special design sounds generally do not involve User privacy issues are often highly accepted by users. Because the sound signal contains linguistic information, sub-language information and non-verbal information, the "small and simple" feature of the voice signal is also beneficial to identify the user's true intentions, has traceability of behavior, and has a convenient (bià") (Piá") is a suitable feature. And its application in specific industries such as finance, in fact, also need to develop norms to correctly lead the direction of technology development and application.

According to reports, this standard comprehensively specifies the requirements of security application technology based on voiceprint recognition in mobile financial service scenarios. It is applicable to the development, detection and application of voiceprint recognition based on mobile banking services such as mobile banking, and focuses on the following aspects. Made a specification: functional aspects, clear the basic requirements of voiceprint registration, verification, change, cancellation, etc.; performance, put forward technical requirements such as sampling, anti-noise, anti-attack, anti-time-variation; security, sound The entire life cycle of pattern information collection, transmission, storage, processing, and deletion is regulated.

In addition, it is worth noting that with the rapid development of third-party payment, the scope of application of this standard has only expanded from mobile banking to inclusive third-party payment industry. Since July this year, after extensive consultations with major banks and third-party payment platforms such as Ant Financial, Tencent Tenpay, and JD Finance, the central bank decided to extend the scope of the standard from the original mobile banking scenario to the entire mobile. In the financial sector, this means that this standard will play a larger role in guiding and regulating the entire mobile payment market.

This standard regulates voiceprint as an independent authentication factor. In actual applications, dynamic voiceprint ciphers can be used to complete authentication according to the security level requirements of different scenarios, or combined with other authentication factors to complete authentication. With the increasing emphasis on issues such as mobile payment security and personal privacy protection, this standard puts security and personal privacy protection in a prominent position. In addition, in this standard, not only the “Network Security Law”, which was implemented in June 2017, but also the financial industry standard “Mobile Device Payment Trusted Environment Technical Specification” promulgated in December 2017, is also included, and it is also accepted by May 2018. The latest national documents such as the “Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Specification” have just been implemented.

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