And the European heavy truck wrist? Liberation J7 speaks with strength

On October 27th, it is a day worth remembering for China's commercial vehicle industry. The highly-recognized FAW Jiefang released a brand new development strategy in Shanghai, and officially launched its seventh-generation product liberation J7, in the market and the vast majority. There was a wave of liberation in the card friends. Self-supported research and development on the road refers to the import of high-end heavy-duty J7, on the way to the world's popular line, why and the European famous brand heavy card is higher or lower? With the full release of product information, the answer becomes clearer.

More atmospheric: cover the logo, is an imported car

Because there have been many pictures and videos spread by media and card friends, the design style of the J7 has been liberated. From the outside to the inside, there are actually not many secrets. Although the value of the subject involves subjective feelings, there is no certain standard, but the overall impression and body texture of the J7 is quite European, which is of course thanks to the Italian design guru Giorgetto Giugiaro, who led the design team. J7 has customized a set of visual solutions that integrate the concepts of Chinese and Western aesthetics. Its inspiration begins with FAW's famous Eagle standard, and the atmosphere is fierce, without losing the fashion dynamic. Some card friends said: cover the logo, just look at the appearance, this is what European high-end trucks should look like. This is not a good reputation. Since it is the design of the European team, the final result will naturally have the temperament and grace of European products.

More reliable: the national heavy card king, deserved

As the seventh generation of independent research and development, the powerful configuration of the J7 ensures its outstanding performance. The J6 equipped CA6DM3 engine has a power of 550Ps and a maximum torque of 2600N·m, which is the maximum torque for domestic and external displacement. The high-torque engine provides sufficient backup power to reduce the acceleration time to ensure efficient power and economical efficiency. The small speed ratio as low as 2.688 is suitable for the high-speed logistics no-load speed of more than 100km/h. In order to improve the cruising range, the J7 is equipped with a 1000L large fuel tank, which can better serve enterprises and individual users such as express delivery, express delivery and e-commerce logistics. Of course, the reliability and durability that liberation is proud of is also well inherited in J7: the load spectrum of 1.5 million life comes from the national logistics channel, covering more than 95% of Chinese users, more than Europe Mileage intensity. At the same time, the long maintenance period of 100,000 kilometers of engine, 200,000 kilometers of gearbox and bridge is also the traditional strength of liberation.

Liberation J7

Smarter: Liberation, from advanced technology

Since the liberation of J7 to challenge the import of high-end heavy trucks, it is necessary to come up with the ability to lighten the eyes. Therefore, we have seen a lot of applications and enhancements of intelligent systems in J7. VCU-based vehicle electronic system, including AMT, ECAS, retarder control, ESC, AEBS, ACC, LDWS, FCW, etc. There are also VCU-based electronic fuel-saving technologies developed by the company, including HMI driving systems, electronically controlled APUs, electronically controlled fans, AMT-based cruise fuel-saving technology, intelligent load recognition technology and E/P mode switching technology. At the same time, for the management and operation of the large customer logistics fleet, the company has liberated and developed the “liberation pilot” car networking technology system, including: maintenance reservation, vehicle matching, violation of regulations, vehicle medical examination, car friends forum, in-vehicle Wi-Fi , remote diagnosis, annual inspection reminder. In terms of autonomous driving, liberation is also ahead of the industry, and conditional autopilot can be completed through the full-speed adaptive cruise plus lane keeping function.

More considerate: comfortable driving, free to take care of

All along, the working environment and treatment of foreign truck drivers have envied the old domestic drivers. Nowadays, the birth of Liberation J7 may turn this envy into joy and pride. According to the long-term report, the J7 designed for the needs of trunk logistics transportation allows drivers to drive for more than 12 hours without feeling tired. The high-comfort driving seat, convenient and efficient man-machine layout, allows the driving operation to reach within reach, and intelligently controls the intelligent air conditioner and sunroof, so that the driver can experience the comfort of driving a car. Large front and rear mirror vision, direct field of view, and omni-directional images provide a safe driving view. Ultra-high erect space, wide walking space, 810mm large sleeper, more than 30 storage compartments, practical small table, etc., to create a living space. Full blackout curtains, thoughtful lighting design, excellent quiet performance, and rich in-vehicle multimedia allow users to have a comfortable environment during their travels. It can be said that the J7 cab from the space to the function, from driving to rest, from work to entertainment, has greatly improved the performance of domestic heavy trucks in comfort.

More money: money machine, a well-deserved reputation

In order to maximize user benefits, Liberation J7 has undergone painstaking research and development, and has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs. With leading aerodynamics, smart cruise system, lightweight technology and long warranty period, it has achieved the goal of energy saving and efficiency improvement. In terms of aerodynamics, by reducing the overall performance of vehicle air resistance, dust and dirt, engine heat balance and vehicle thermal protection, the fuel economy of the vehicle is significantly improved, and the cab and the shroud are greatly reduced. The low wind resistance of the resistance kit is optimized, and the dustproof and antifouling of the A-pillar trim, the rearview mirror, the gusset and the fender are optimized to achieve the reduction of fuel economy. In terms of smart cruise, the J7 is equipped with a comfortable, fuel-efficient, safe and flexible smart cruise and adaptive cruise system. According to the road conditions and speed, the fuel injection volume is adjusted in real time, and the fuel injection amount is adjusted reasonably to avoid power loss. And excess, to achieve fuel-saving purposes. In terms of lightweight technology, it has also reached the international first-class level. The weight reduction of the whole vehicle is about 500kg, and its own weight is 8400kg, which is about 300~1200kg lighter than competing products at home and abroad. A number of advanced technology blessings, coupled with the long warranty period that Licensing Heavy Trucks has always had, as well as customized TCO management technical support services, J7 is actually bringing higher benefits to car companies and drivers.

Safer: all-round configuration, let the old driver relax

For the safety that users care most about, Liberation J7 also handed over a satisfactory answer. In terms of passive safety, the J7 cab meets the requirements of the national standard and ECER29-03 regulations, increases front and lower protection, increases the field of view of the front and rear view mirrors, and enhances the safety of the field of view; it is equipped with a total of six videos including front view mirror and cab image. The imaging system ensures that the user can drive safely. In terms of active safety, J7 is full of sincerity, its brake system pressure is increased to 12bar, ensuring the safety pressure of multiple braking; optimizing the braking response time, the braking distance of the initial speed of 60km/h is reduced to 29m; using electronic control APU, back-blowing according to the working condition of the whole vehicle, ensuring the airway is dry and ensuring driving safety; the engine braking power reaches 300kW, which satisfies the general road braking demand; the optional hydraulic retarder braking power reaches 450kW; Such as EBS (Electronic Brake System), ESC (Electronic Stability Program), HILL-HOLD Slope Assist, EBL (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), ACC (Active Cruise), AEBS (Active Electronic Brake System), LDWS (Driveway) Electronic active safety technology such as deviation from early warning system, FCW (pre-crash warning system), users can also choose TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. The comprehensive security configuration makes J7 the most reliable and reliable partner for users.

After comprehensive contact and in-depth understanding, the feeling of liberating J7 is a king of powerful all-round roads. The more you understand, the more admirable. It is worthy of pride that J7 is the outstanding work of FAW Jiefang, which has been built with more than 60 years of professional knowledge and insists on independent innovation and pioneering spirit. It is the wisdom of several generations of liberators. The emergence of Liberation J7 also proves one thing: China's autonomy and China's intellectual creation are fully capable of ranking among the best in the world.

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