"Traffic strong country dreams, about 100,000 units" Xugong 100,000th road roller glory off the assembly line

Traffic construction is the foundation of the country and the country of power. Judging from the historical process of the rise of the world's great powers, the country must be strong and traffic must go first. Standing at the new starting point of the world's major transportation countries, Xu Gong, a leader in the road machinery industry, naturally aims to build a goal of building a powerful transportation country and strive to push the motherland from a big transportation country to a powerful transportation country.

Get angry! The 100,000 square matrix formed by Xugong employees!

On November 6th, Xuangong’s 100,000th road roller was launched under the theme of “Driving Power Country Dreams and Meets 100,000 Units”. Xugong was held in Xugong. Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association Su Zimeng and Xugong Group Manager, Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary Yang Dongsheng, XCMG Group General Manager Xu Weihui, Xugong Road General Manager, Party Secretary Cui Jisheng, China Construction Machinery Industry Association Pavement and Compaction Branch President Zhou Xianyu and other leaders and guests, and more than 1,000 customers and partners Witnessed this historical moment.

The meeting was held in China's most advanced building maintenance machinery workshop.
Xu Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union, Xu Wei, chaired the event

1 With a deep understanding of the new era

Seventy years of wind and rain, 100,000 units of glory. The development of Xugong's maintenance machinery has gone through 70 years of wind and rain. This time, XCMG's 100,000th machine roller is off the assembly line, which is a milestone for both XCMG and the whole industry. At present, in the construction of roads around the world, one of every three roads is involved in the construction! As the champion of China's road roller single manufacturing, Xugong once again showed the world the extraordinary road roller manufacturing capacity. The downline of 100,000 units of XCMG road rollers is not just a simple digital superposition from 1 to 100,000. This is more of a road to the rise and innovation of a national brand that has been pioneered by the industry.

Xugong Road Machinery

2 highlighting high quality development with leading strength

At the meeting, the leaders and guests of the meeting delivered a warm speech.

Su Zimeng, executive vice president and secretary general of China Construction Machinery Association, pointed out in his speech that on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China's construction machinery industry has learned from catching up with and surpassing the international advanced level, and now it has reached a leading position in some fields. Facing a beautiful new era of high standards and high quality development, I hope that Xugong will continue to focus on the forefront of the world, intensively work, reform and innovation, and lead Chinese construction machinery enterprises and Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises to realize the "Made in China 2025" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Contribute to greater power.

Su Zimeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

At the meeting, Yang Dongsheng, general manager of the XCMG Group and deputy secretary of the party committee, delivered a speech. He said that Xugong Road Machinery should take a strong industrial ambition and strategic strength, and unswervingly walk out of a "Xugong Road" with its own characteristics of high-quality development. In 2020, it has become the top three strategic goal of the world road machinery industry, and strives to build the world's leading building and maintenance machinery segment of XCMG, which plays a new and important supporting role for XCMG's summit in the global construction machinery industry. The first anniversary of the inspection of the clerk was handed in a satisfactory answer.

Yang Dongsheng, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xugong Group

Zhou Xianyu, president of the Pavement and Compaction Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that from the early days of the founding of the country, to the introduction of absorption technology, to the independent research and development and innovation, Xugong relied on the "one strength" spirit in the field of construction machinery and " The gold standard, which is leading technology and not destroyed, has embarked on a "success" road that is recognized by General Secretary Xi Jinping and recognized by the market.

Zhou Xianyu, president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association's pavement and compaction branch, will donate the box presented by Xugong to XCMG in 2018 when he participated in the Xugong CA25 road roller in 1984. The picture above shows the exchange of gifts between the two parties.

At the meeting, Xugong Road Machinery's global chief designer took the stage to introduce Xugong high-tech products. He said that he has worked in many countries. Only in China, Xu Gong has truly felt the responsibility of his beautiful world. I am very proud to work at XCMG because XCMG products are the meaning and value of our existence!

Xugong Road Machinery Global Chief Designer

Four leaders and guests of Su Zimeng, Yang Dongsheng, Xu Yuhui and Cui Jisheng jointly unveiled the 100,000th road roller sculpture of Xugong

At 10:58, with the order of the general manager of the Xugong Group and the deputy secretary of the party committee, Yang Dongsheng, XC, the 100,000th road roller representing the cutting-edge technology level in the world's compaction field, slowly sailed out of the assembly line. XS365 with more than 20 independent patented technologies is the masterpiece of Xugong's large-tonnage road roller in recent years. This product continues the “three-in-one” and amplitude uniformity control technology of Xugong single drum compactor, with amplitude uniformity deviation of 3%. Left and right, the precision control far exceeds the industry average, and the design life of the vibrating wheel is up to 10,000 hours.

Under the eager anticipation of everyone, the 100,000th Xugong roller will slowly sail out.

Xugong's 100,000th road roller XS365 has been snapped up by the owner.

Xugong Road Machinery

3!2!1! Xugong's 100,000th road roller glory off the assembly line!

Knocking on the blackboard Xugong road roller XS365

This XS365 road roller can be equipped with self-decision unmanned control system to realize path planning, automatic lane change, automatic driving into the construction area, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions. The operation precision of Xugong self-decision unmanned control system has reached the world leading level. The activity also carried out a complete set of products and construction techniques, from the road construction new construction, road maintenance engineering, Sangao one major products and automatic driving products, etc., fully demonstrated the strength advantage of Xugong complete building maintenance machinery.

After the opening ceremony, at the event site, Cui Jisheng, general manager of Xugong Road, awarded 100,000 road roller commemorative plaques to Wang Gong, the 100,000th car owner of Xugong. Immediately, Mr. Zhang, a loyal customer of Xugong, said with excitement that this 100,000 plaque is not only an honor, but also a heavy responsibility. Thanks to Xu Gong for taking me step by step to the road to prosperity. I will take my future. Xugong road roller is rented to the world and rented to all corners of the world. Xugong Xugong, help me succeed!

Cui Jisheng, general manager of Xugong Road, and Zhang Zong, the 100,000 loyal customer of Xugong Road Roller

Event aerial photography

Dynamic product demo


Xugong Road Machinery

From 1 to 100,000, behind this is the support and affirmation of tens of thousands of customers. It is the fruitful result of Xu workers' dedication to youth, but it is the unremitting pursuit of XCMG brand for “leading technology, not destroying” and excellent quality. . Thanks to the support of the global customers to the Xugong brand, you are letting us have more confidence and confidence to go to the next 100,000 units! Come on in the future! (This article comes from Xugong Road Construction)

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