With the "core" to guard against Yunde Dewei and the user

Since the first engine was off the assembly line in 1956, Yunnei Power has gone through more than sixty years of hard work. Along the way, the dynamics of the cloud have been moving forward and the initial heart has not changed; along the way, Yunnei Power is accompanied by the common development and transformation and upgrading of China's internal combustion engine industry.

Leading power

The company DEV Dulwich four-valve engine (D19, D25, D30, YNF40, D45 series) with excellent power, economy and reliability, the performance indicators are at the leading level of similar products in China, respectively, with Jianghuai Automobile , China Steam , Beiqi Foton, SAIC Group, Dongfeng System, Dayun Group, FAW Group, Shandong Wuzheng, Shandong Kaima, Sichuan Nanjun, Sichuan Modern, Guangdong Fudi, Changan Automobile, Tang Jun Ou Ling, Shandong Shifeng, Changfeng Cheetah , Lifan and many other well-known companies have been equipped with best-selling models, and some products are exported to Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions with the whole machine or with the whole vehicle. The market share of DEV Dulwich series engine is steadily increasing, and the market share is accumulated. It has exceeded 500,000 units.

User peer

DEV Dulwich four-valve engine has come all the way, in addition to relying on its own strength, it is inseparable from the support of the majority of DEV Dulwich users. This time, in order to give back to the support of DEV Dulwich users, Yunnei Power DEV Dulwich Engine launched the “Finding DEV Dulwich Hardcore Fans” event, hoping to recruit DEV Dulwich users from different industries and listen to your wonderful stories!

Yunnei Power and its customers Yunnei Power and its customers

DEV Dulwich adheres to the "core" and accompany users to a better life!

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