Use of fiber optic transceivers should pay attention to these matters

What should the transceiver pay attention to? Xiaolin summed up the points according to the customer consultation and technical feedback. We together look! Which big god thinks there are any shortcomings, welcome to leave a message!
1. Does the optical transceiver itself support full-duplex and half-duplex?
Some chips in the market can only use full-duplex environment at present, and can't support half-duplex. If you receive another brand of switch or hub, and it uses half-duplex mode, it will definitely cause serious conflicts. Lose the package.
2. Have you tested the connection with other fiber optic transceivers?
At present, there are more and more optical transceivers on the market. For example, if the compatibility of transceivers of different brands has not been tested beforehand, it will also result in packet loss, long transmission, and rapid and slow.
3. Is there a safety device to prevent packet loss?
In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use the register data transmission mode when manufacturing the optical transceiver. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the transmission is unstable and packet loss, and ideally, the buffer line design is adopted, which can be safely avoided. Data loss.
4, temperature adaptability?
When the fiber optic transceiver itself is used, it will generate high heat. When the temperature is too high (not more than 50 °C), whether the fiber optic transceiver works normally is a factor worth considering by customers!

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