How to dry clothes in rainy days? Dryer makes food dry without worry

On Weibo, maybe everyone has seen this hot search topic #江浙沪人民问#. Many netizens have opened the fancy slotting mode. For example, "Is this rain a limited amount of monthly subscription?" "Can the dragon king call this transfer?" "It can be planted with rain again" and so on. Some people also ridicule, the southern region needs a hand dryer, otherwise there is no change in clothes. This dryer, not the "dryer", in the food production and processing industry, the dryer is also essential! Below, the author introduces several equipment that can be used for food drying.

Air flow dryer

The airflow dryer mainly uses the high-speed flowing hot air to suspend the wet material therein, and has the advantages of short drying time, high heat transfer coefficient and large heat transfer area, and is particularly suitable for the drying unit operation of the bulk heat sensitive material. According to a technician, the principle of the machine is to enter the wet material through the conveyor and the heated natural air into the dryer at the same time. The two are fully mixed, and the evaporation is achieved in a short time due to the large heat and mass exchange area. The purpose of drying.

However, it is worth noting that when the machine is put into use, it needs to be properly adjusted to supply steam of sufficient quality (6 atm or more) to make the dryer fully function. At the same time, pay attention to the start and stop sequence when using the operation. Open the steam valve first, close the regulating valve, and then start the fan. After that, the temperature rises and the regulating valve is gradually opened. When the wind temperature in the pipeline reaches the required level, the feeder is started to feed. How much to feed depends on how much moisture is wet and the level of finished water.

Fluidized bed dryer

Vibrating fluidized bed dryers are reinforced, special purpose drying units that are typically used for the final drying of materials*. Because the machine can obtain uniform fluidization at a very low gas velocity, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the wear and dust entrainment between the particles are also reduced, thereby ensuring the safety and hygiene of the materials.

In addition, the material residence time distribution is relatively uniform, and the residence time is easy to control, especially suitable for materials requiring moisture content. In addition, in addition to the very good drying function, the user can also carry out the processes of material granulation, cooling, sieving and conveying according to the material processing technology to realize automation, continuous and assembly line operation.

Box dryer

The hot air formed by the device is in extensive contact with the material, which enhances the heat and mass transfer process and greatly improves the heat utilization rate, so that the material can be dried in a very short time. In addition, due to the low-temperature dehumidification technology, the machine can control the drying temperature and humidity through the dew point dehumidification and low temperature wheel dehumidification compounding process to ensure the efficient and stable material drying. In addition, the whole machine is easy to operate and easy to use. No manual operation, automatic feeding, automatic dumping, improved working conditions and reduced operator labor intensity.

Jaw dryer

The 耙 dryer is mainly based on the technology of the traditional vacuum squeezing dryer in China. It is made of various powder, granule, slurry, paste and other materials. The drive shaft adopts a thick solid shaft. It is a good guarantee for the stable operation of the equipment under various harsh working conditions. It has the same effect as the airflow dryer mentioned above. The equipment adopts the interlayer and internal stirring simultaneous heating mode, the heat transfer surface is large, the heat efficiency is high, and the stirring is uniform, especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials.

Drum dryer

The device is a contact type internal heating conduction type drying device. During the drying process, heat is transferred from the inner wall of the drum to its outer wall, and the moisture on the material is evaporated by the product that is dried on the outer wall of the drum. Since the device is thermally conductive, the heat transfer direction is substantially uniform throughout the heat transfer cycle. Therefore, most of the heat supplied in the drum is used for moisture vaporization of the material, and the thermal efficiency exceeds 80%. In addition, due to the convenient control of the heating mode, the temperature inside the cylinder and the heat transfer rate of the partition wall can be kept relatively stable, and the drying quality of the product is ensured.

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