3300V-13800V High Voltage Series Brushless AC Generator (1400KW-2000KW) Fdh

Model NO.: FDH 560
Package: Plywood Box
Shipping Terms: by Sea
Original: Wuxi China
Trademark: FARADAY
Specification: GMP
Origin: Wuxi, China
FDH 3300V-13800V High Voltage Series Brushless AC Generator (1400KW-2000KW)
3300V-13800V High Voltage Series Brushless AC Generator (1400KW-2000KW) Fdh
FDH series of high voltage brushless three-phase synchronous alternator is that FARADAY fully learned the design concept from U. S. Westinghouse electric, united Tsinghua University, Shanghai Electric division and a number of R&D institutions, together R&D self-owned intellectual property and many process and technology patents(patents number: 201210351489.8) of full series of high voltage alternators. This series of high voltage alternators can be associated with different major brands diesel engines at home and abroad to high voltage power station, also can be associated with other original power machine to special electrical power, apply to military, communication, industry, mining, post and other many kinds of industries, with the characteristics of reasonable structure. high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable working, attractive design, convenient using and maintenance and etc., and gain vigorous popularization and application in many key projects at home and abroad. Our company creates permanent value for high-end customer by excellent quality and perfect service, warmly service for the users. 

Electric Performance: 
1. Steady-state voltage regulation≤1.0%; 
2. Transient voltage regulation≤+20%, -15%(60%IN, COSΦ≤0.4delay); 
3. Voltage steady range ≥10%; 
4. Line voltage waveform distortion rate≤5%; 
5. Strong nonlinear load (such as motor) capacity.
6. Stably parallel operation and Grid-connected, reactive power distribution difference<10%. 

Product features: 
High-efficiency and energy-saving; 
Low Inherent frequency, small vibration when running; 
"F" insulation class, three anti (anti-corona, anti-salt spray, anti-mildew) insulation covering paint
After tilting fan and Low Wind-resistance wind path; 
Anti interference ability is outstanding
Long service life of alternator; 
High voltage regulation precision;
Three-phase voltage detection; 
Generators are equipped with special thermometric resistances to monitor;
Temperature of major components of the generator to prevent generator fault operation.;
Rotary rectifier module's maintenance and exchange is convenient; 
Protection level of generators is IP23; 
Comply with world leading alternators standard GB755, IEC60034-1.

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