Tianji implements equipment condition monitoring and overhaul

Tianji Group has combined equipment management experience in recent years, and through the pilot operation of its two subordinate manufacturing plants, this year it has vigorously promoted the equipment management mode of "combining planned maintenance with time-based monitoring and maintenance and condition monitoring and maintenance" in the company-wide scope. Effectively promoted the entire company's equipment management level.

At present, the equipment management of many chemical companies adopts the mode of planned maintenance according to the time cycle. Although desirable, there is a large waste. The new model of equipment management implemented by Tianji is to implement planned maintenance management for some of the key equipment, and to monitor and overhaul some of the secondary, well-performing equipment stripping plans, and to perform supervision and early forecast management Timely arrangement of equipment maintenance will ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment and achieve the goal of reducing manpower and financial resources. The company made rigid regulations on the equipment used for condition monitoring and maintenance: the main production line adopts one open or one open and multiple standby equipment; equipment that has not experienced a major accident in the past three years; single-stage cantilever centrifugal pump, axial power Less than 12 kilowatts of multi-stage pumps and plunger pumps and other pump equipment; single-stage cantilevered centrifugal fans, multi-stage centrifugal fans, Roots blower fan equipment. At the same time, Tianji also detailed detailed implementation plans and assessment rules for equipment condition monitoring and maintenance.

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