The market is getting better, the washing equipment industry still needs to work hard

In recent years, China's washing equipment industry has made great progress. The restructuring of large-scale enterprises has basically ended. Most enterprises have turned losses completely and their ability to innovate has gradually increased. Yang Haozhi, chairman of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association's Washing Equipment Professional Committee, said that with the development of coal, mining and other industries, the golden period for technological upgrading of the washing equipment industry has come.
Large users create large markets. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the domestic market for washing equipment will be very good. Taking coal washing equipment as an example, coal washing and processing is the basis for the comprehensive utilization of resources, and it also ensures the sustainable development of the national economy. Due to the need of environmental protection, the quality of coal is determined by the superiority of the washing equipment. Low-ash, low-sulfur, high-calorie coal powder has always been welcomed by smelting and power generation companies.
In the next five years, the coal industry will develop in the direction of large-scale, mechanized, and high-security enterprises. Realizing the localization of large-scale washing equipment is an inevitable trend for the development of the industry. It is also the 16 key points for the State Council to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry. First, these conditions have brought a rare opportunity for the development of the washing equipment industry. In recent years, with the support of related policies, the coal industry has witnessed rapid development, expansion of quantity, quality improvement, and overall advancement. The continuous improvement of environmental protection standards has also contributed to the continuous increase in the proportion of raw coal washing. In the next five years, the domestic raw coal washing rate will reach 50%, the raw coal washing volume will be as high as 1.1 billion tons, the coking coal washing rate will be 100%, and the steam coal washing rate should be more than 40%. Based on this calculation, China will add 80 million to 100 million tons of raw coal per year. According to the calculation of a coal washing plant with a capacity of 4 million tons, 25 large coal washing plants will be added each year. If technical upgrading of existing coal washing plants is added, About 250 sets of coal washing equipment are required each year. It can be seen that the development potential of the coal washing equipment industry is very large.
The industry is faced with many development challenges. Yang Haozhi believes that although the market is large, the washing equipment manufacturers still face severe challenges, mainly in the following two aspects: The comprehensive strength of mine washing equipment manufacturing enterprises is not strong. The reporter learned that most of the high-grade coal mining and washing equipment required by coal mining companies in China needs to be purchased from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, and other countries. At the same time, many companies are seriously lacking in energy and capital investment in scientific research, new product development and technological transformation, and corporate management, and lack of competitiveness. At present, although there is a prosperous scene, the existing problems are serious.
The entire industry has problems such as low product technology content, low added value of products, unstable product quality, and low labor productivity of the entire staff, which has also caused the situation in which the growth rate of production value of mine washing equipment manufacturing enterprises is not commensurate with the growth rate of profits. .
Experts to prescribe medicines for enterprises Yang Haozhi believes that to solve the development problems of the washing equipment industry, it is critical to solve the following three issues: First, to improve innovation capabilities and product technology content; Second, to adjust the product structure to meet market demand and form new growth. The third point is to revise product standards and enter the international market.
Yang Haozhi stated that most companies have poor product innovation capabilities. One of the most important aspects of their performance is insufficient development investment, weak development capability, and the proportion of research and development expenditure in sales is too low, only about 1% to 2%, and developed countries The difference of more than 5% is quite far. Coupled with the oversupply of China's machinery processing capacity, although the current economic development is rapid, all companies have a dry job, but the low level of repeated production is serious, especially in the washing equipment manufacturing industry, in order to improve economic efficiency is still difficult.
Under the premise that the market is very good, a small company will often emerge next to a large washing equipment company to buy land and build factories, some of which are trying to seize the opportunities for development and growing, and some companies are Low-level imitation production, without paying attention to service and innovation, has also had a negative impact on the development of the industry.
Yang Haozhi reminded these companies that it is wise to be able to seize the opportunity of great development, but after completing the accumulation of capital, it must be developed in equipment and product innovation, or else it will be eliminated in a few years, because a region will not have so many The rapid development of enterprises in the same industry. After the restructuring of state-owned enterprises will be lightly loaded, coupled with the entry of foreign-funded enterprises, the competition will be more intense, the establishment of entrepreneurial enterprises, so that enterprises become small and special, small and sophisticated, small and specialized, small and strong advantage of the company to survive.

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