Parts companies reduce costs when

“Reducing costs is an eternal theme. At present, in the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous demand of vehicle manufacturers to reduce the price of parts and components, parts and components companies are facing a greater 'cost crisis.' Only by effective management can we have advantages in terms of cost and other aspects, so as to constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises.” Recently, many parts company executives have said such things in an interview with reporters.

In an interview, the reporter found that with the intensification of market competition, more and more parts and components companies have determined the cost reduction through technological transformation and effective management as the company’s most important task, concentrating on reducing costs through technological improvements, and managing To benefit.

Technical improvements reduce costs

There is no end to technological improvements. For enterprises to save costs and improve efficiency, technological improvement is the most effective management method.

During the interview, the reporter found that the innovation of many parts and components company chiefs refers to the continuous improvement of technology, and they take the road of development, production, and continuous improvement.

Jiang Yongyu, vice president of Jiangsu Songlin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the company is implementing the iron mold sand reforming process on the existing casting line to improve the crankshaft flywheel casting efficiency. The company is also trying to use the link expansion and breakage technology that is currently widely used in high-end cars abroad, which can not only reduce process flow, reduce costs, but also improve product quality.

In order to solve the problem of uneven internal and external hardness during heat treatment after rough forging, Hubei Danjiangkou Danchuan Automobile Transmission Shaft Co., Ltd. is changing the traditional production process, roughing and then heat treatment, which not only ensures uniform hardness, but also reduces Heat treatment costs reduce costs.

Parts companies continue to innovate in technology, reduce process flow, enhance quality, reduce consumption, and also need to be able to maintain the stability of product quality equipment. Subject to the objective factors, some machine tools or molds can not meet the needs of parts and components companies. As a result, many parts and components companies started to produce or co-produce machine tools and molds and test equipment on their own, which not only met the needs but also saved costs.

Of course, technological improvements also require input. The reporter saw high-precision machine tools and testing equipment from Europe, the United States, and Japan in many parts and components companies. "The big investment is to ensure the stability of the quality and the accuracy of the product. Quality control is also an important part of cost control." said the person in charge of Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd.

Reduce waste in process management

“This is the machine that we use to re-use corner waste. The recycling of these scraps and turning them back into raw materials can also generate great value.” The reporter found in many parts companies that there are machines dedicated to the edges. Reuse of waste. This is the "new thing" that has emerged in the past year or two. The person in charge told the reporter: "The cost pressure is too great. We have to think about various ways to reduce waste."

A manufacturer of driveshafts for commercial vehicles said that the domestic problem of overloading requires that the products they produce must be “excellent in quality,” but the current situation is “extremely hard”. As a result, the company gradually shifted its product strength from an excessive increase to a moderate increase. In this way, the product can meet actual needs without causing material waste.

Many parts and components companies are adopting 5S on-site set management and militarized management to reduce waste. The reporter walked into the workshop of Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. and saw that all the rules and regulations had light box signs. Each part was placed in a fixed position. Each station has a number, and each process has a clear time to complete. Regulations, meticulous to minute seconds.

Many parts and components companies have also increased their efficiency in their internal production processes and established U-shaped production lines and logistics structures to make logistics in the production process smoother.

In addition, some companies are planning to build industrial parks in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. For example, Zhejiang Zhongma Transmission Co., Ltd. will build the China-Malaysia Industrial Park in 2008, and Zhongma Automobile Transmission Co., Ltd. will be stationed there with more than 50 supporting companies. Industrial parks can link heat treatment, surface treatment, gear finishing and other processes, which will effectively reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve lower product cost and better quality.

All staff to daily management to benefit

In an interview, the reporter found that water charges and electricity charges are a big expense in the production process. Many parts and components companies proceed from the perspective of cost savings, avoiding the peak of electricity consumption and using low valley electricity. According to the person in charge of Fuyang Bearing Co., Ltd., Fuyang’s low-level electricity at the end of each night is more than 1/3 of the peak electricity. Therefore, processes such as heat treatment, which consume large amounts of power, can save significant costs by avoiding peak power.

The person in charge of a parts and components company in Liaoning had told reporters that they had strengthened their internal management documents. Among them, detailed regulations are provided for the employees' transportation subsidies, foreign hospitality, office supplies expenses, sales personnel travel expenses, and the company’s internal vehicle management. Some fees are subject to quota management, and at the same time, the system of responsible persons is provided, which rewards savings and punishes waste. Reduce the cost of intangible management costs. A parts and components company in Hubei allowed market sales personnel to act in accordance with the business trip plan and try to make the sales staff “less detours,” improving the efficiency of business trips and saving costs.

Many parts and components companies have outsourced canteens and fleets to introduce competition, which has also saved a lot of costs. A company originally had only one canteen, and the food was not delicious, and employees were not willing to eat it. The company decided to outsource canteens and establish two canteens. In this way, not only has the company's burden been solved, but also a competitive situation has emerged, and the quality of the food in the two canteens is getting better and better. Not only that, companies no longer set up exclusive fleets, but instead resorted to tendering to outsource the fleet. The managers of the fleet turned out to be clients of the outsourcing company. This not only reduced capital investment and management costs, but also introduced competition mechanisms and transformed identities. The team's work efficiency and service awareness have been greatly improved. China Automotive News May 15, 2006 B13

Author: Kai Yan Fang Xiaoju full

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