The "gospel" of the sensor industry

According to the national standard GB7665-87, the sensor is defined as a device device that can be sensed and converted into an available output signal according to a certain law. As a testing tool, the sensor needs to detect the physical or chemical information of the research object. It needs to have the characteristics of adapting to harsh environment, high stability and high reliability. According to the above characteristics of the sensor, it is required to stabilize the processing of the sensor. Reliable and high precision. The traditional processing technology is difficult to meet the requirements, bringing the sensor industry into a difficult position! Now, a new process has been born – laser technology, which has brought the gospel to the sensor industry.

Laser technology solves the problem of marking, welding and adjusting the sensor.

The basic principle of laser marking is that a high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by a laser generator. When the laser acts on the substrate, the atom in the ground state transitions to a higher energy state; the atom in the higher energy state is unstable. It will quickly return to the ground state. When the atom returns to the ground state, it will release extra energy in the form of photons or quantum, and convert the light energy into heat energy, so that the surface material is instantly melted and even vaporized, thus forming a graphic mark. . The use of laser marking is highly efficient, high precision, low cost, and the mark is permanently indelible, enhancing its traceability.

The laser welding machine is a pulsed laser with a wavelength of 1064nm generated by a laser. After being expanded, reflected and focused, the surface of the workpiece is radiated, and the surface heat is diffused internally by heat conduction. The width, energy, peak power and repetition of the laser pulse are precisely controlled by digitization. Parameters such as frequency cause the workpiece to melt to form a specific molten pool, thereby achieving laser welding of the workpiece. The laser is used to seal the sensor metal casing is currently the most advanced processing method. The use of laser welding has the characteristics of beautiful and firm solder joints, small heat affected zone, high efficiency and low welding cost.

The laser is controlled by a computer to control the movement of the laser. The high-energy laser pulse is applied to the resistive material. After the resistive material absorbs the light energy, it is rapidly heated and vaporized. The material is evaporated and forms a circular spot on the resistor. A series of partially overlapping laser pulses strike a resistive material to form a slit, which can be trimmed to a set nominal value using the appropriate slit shape and length. The use of laser trimming processing has high precision, good repeatability, fast speed, high efficiency, and easy automation of the entire machining process.

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