18X8.50-8 Utility Vehicle Tyre Golf Tyre

Cord Material: Nylon
Inner Tube: Tubeless
Customized: Non-Customized
Condition: New
Quality Warranty: 1 Year or 100000 Km Under No Overload
OEM: We Can Do Customers Brand
Trial Agent: 1 * 40hq / Month
Delivery: Within 10 Working Days as Usual
Shipping Cost: Very Competitive !!!
Price: Very Competitive
Insurance: Quality Insurance Certificate
Payment: L/C or Tt, If Cash Is Also Welcome.
Aftersale Service: Following You Untill Sale The Last One Tyre
Trademark: PRIMEWELL / Longmarch / triangle / linglong/GITI
Specification: CE, DOT, Reach, RoHS, CCC
Origin: Shandong, China
HS Code: 40112000

Golf Car Tire, Utility Vehicle Tire, Specialty Tire, Wheel
Golf cart tire/tyre, Prowl Car tire/tyre, Electric touring car tire, 



Good Wear Resistance, Good Control Performance. 
Tubeless golf and utility tires carry their loads without wear and tear on the fairway and ride smoothly on paved paths. They also work well as a wide-flotation tire for on-site transport tire on heavy duty jobs.

Comprehensive sizes for your market:
Size Size Size Size
21"x7.00"-10" 130/60-10" 22"x12.00"-9" 25"x10.00"R12"
22"x10.00"-10" 205/30-11" 23"x7.00"-10" 26"x9.00"R12"
22"x11.00"-10" 205/40-14" 23"x10.00"-10" 26"x11.00"R12"
24"x8.00"-12" 15"x6.00"-6" 20"x7.00"-8" 26"x9.00"R14"
24"x11.00"-10" 16"x7.50"-8" 22"x10.00"-8" 26"x11.00"R14"
23"x10.50"-10" 16"x8.00"-7" 20"x6.00"-10" 30"x10.00"R14"
27"x14.00"-10" 18"x9.50"-8" 18"x10.00"-8" 4.80-8"
18"x7.00"-8" 19"x7.00"-8" 20"x11.00"-9" 4.10/3.50-4"
18"x9.50"-8" 19"x6.00"-10" 22"x11.00"-9" 13"*5.00"-6"
19"x7.00"-8" 20"x7.00"-8" 25"x8.00"-12" 13"*6.50"-6"
19"x9.50"-8" 20"x10.00"-9" 25"x10.00"-12" 13"*5.00"-6"
20''x10.00''-8'' 20"x10.00"-10" 22"x7.00"-12" 13"*6.50"-6"
21"x7.00"-8" 20.5"x7.00"-10" 22"x10.00"-12" 4.10-4"
145/70-6" 20.5"x10.00"-10" 24"x8.00"-12" 9"*3.50"-4"
16"x6.00"-8" 21"x7.00"-10" 24"x11.00"-10" 11"*4.00"-5"
16"x7.00"-8" 22"x7.00"-10" 24"x10.00"-11" 13"*5.00"-6"
16"x8.00"-7" 22"x10.00"-8" 25"x8.00"-12" 13"*6.50"-6"
19"x7.00"-8" 22"x10.00"-10" 25"x10.00"-12" 15"*6.00"-6"
19"x9.50"-8" 23"x7.00"-10" 25"x11.00"-10" 16"*6.50"-8"
20"x10.00"-10" 25"x8.00"-12" 26"x8.00"-12" 18"*8.50"-8"
21"x8.00"-10" 25"x10.00"-12" 26"x9.00"-12" 15"*6.00"-6"
21"x10.00"-10" 25"x8.00"R12" 26"x10.00"-12" 18"*8.50"-8"
22"x10.00"-10" 25"x10.00"R12" 26"x11.00"-12" 20"*8.00"-8"
22"x11.00"-10" 26"x8.00"-14" 26"x9.00"-14" 15"*6.00"-6"
23"x7.00"-10" 26"x10.00"-14" 26"x11.00"-14" 4.10-4"
18"x10.50"-9" 205/30-12" 27"x9.00"-12" 4.10-6"
22"x11.00"-10" 205/50-10" 27"x12.00"-12" 13"*5.00"-6"
22"x10.00"-10" 225/45-9" 27"x9.00"-14" 110/100-18"
20"x7.00"-8" 225/45-10" 27"x11.00"-14" 110/100-18"
23"x7.00"-10" 20"x10.00"-9" 28"x9.00"-12" 110/90-19"
22"x10.00"-10" 20"x11.00"-9" 28"x9.00"-12" 110/90-19"
25"x8.00"-12" 16"x6.00"-8" 29"x9.00"-14 80/100-21"
25"x10.00"-12" 16"x8.50"-7" 29"x9.00"-14" 80/100-21"
25"x11.00"-12" 23"x8.00"-11" 29"x11.00"-14" 80/100-21"
145/70-6" 22"x11.00"-9" 29"x11.00"-14" 100/90-19"
16"x8.00"-7" 25"x8.00"-12" 235/30-12" 120/90-19"
22"x11.00"-8" 25"x10.00"-12" 20"x6.00"-10" 120/90-19"
16"x8.00"-7" 22"x11.00"-10" 21"x6.00"-10" 110/90-18"
18"x9.50"-8" 25"x10.00"-12" 18"x10.00"-8" 110/90-18"
19"x7.00"-8" 21"x7.00"-10" 20"x11.00"-9" 120/90-18"
3.00-4" 25"x8.00"-12" 22"x10.00"-9" 120/90-18"
145/70-6" 21"x7.00"-10" 185/30-14" 25"x8.00"-12"
19"x7.00"-8" 22"x7.00"-10" 235/30-14'' 22"x10.00"-10"
145/70-6" 22"x7.00"-11" 25"x8.00"-12" 25"x10.00"-12"
19"x7.00"-8" 23"x7.00"-10" 25"x10.00"-12" 22"x11.00"-9"
18"x9.50"-8" 20"x10.00"-9" 26"x9.00"-12" 13"x5.00"-6"
20"x6.00"-10" 20"x11.00"-8" 26"x11.00"-12" 25"x8.00"-12"
21"x7.00"-10" 20"x11.00"-9" 24"x8.00"-12" 22"x10.00"-10"
22"x7.00"-10" 22"x10.00"-9" 24"x10.00"-11" 18"x9.50"-8"


Why Choose us & Company capbalicity:

1) Shipping: with many ship companies keep good cooperation over ten years.
2) Warranty: Available within 18 months
3) Delivery: Very fast (7-12 days)
4) Price: Factory lowest agent price
5) Brand: We can do Customers brands, if you like our quality
6) Cooperating with world famous brands: Such as Triangle, Linglong,Cooper, 
Doublecoin, Doublestar, Primewell, Advance and so on
7) Natural rubber is from the best production base, Malaysia and Thailand.
8) Steel cord is from BEKAERT, Belgium, the best cord supplier in the world.
9) Key equipment imported from abroad, domestic advanced and mature equipment.
10) Japan Technology, 5 steel cord, 4 plies for steel belt and 1 ply for carcass.
11) Strict quality control, with appearance, dynamic balance and uniformity testing etc.
12) Certificates:DOT, ECE, REACH, S-MARK, GCC, 3C, EU-LABELING, SONCAP etc.
13) Supplying Grade-A quality tire, and we are responsible for any manufacture defect.
14) Cooperating with world famous factory


R&D process: 
* Tell us your design concept about the tire size and tread pattern
* Our engineer design for you according to your requirements
* When you're satisfied, then mold production, testing and at last bulk production.
------You can have your own brand, logo and tread pattern.
Please study this tyres information and sizes, if there is any inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to support you.
Your any inquiries will be reply soon!


Application Fields:

1.Urban water supply

2.Food and chemical industries

3.transport of ore and mud

4.For replacement of concrete pipe,cast-iron pipe and steel pipe

5.For landspace greening pipe network

6.Other applications

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